This Prestige system in Apex Legends would finally let players push past level 100

Respawn Entertainment

Diehard Apex Legends players have been sitting at level 100 in the game for a while now, and a revamped take to a prestige system would finally give them something more to grind for in the battle royale.

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By simply playing Apex Legends people can get hundreds of hours of entertainment dropping into Kings Canyon. But the progression and rewards can stagnate after reaching the level cap, leaving a lot of players lost for something to play for.

Even though there is a Battle Pass to keep the game’s rewards somewhat fresh, players looking for an alternative would be hard-pressed on finding a reason to keep dropping into a game.

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Respawn EntertainmentThe prestige system could give players a renewed reason to grind up the levels.

Apex Legends can add some prestige to its leveling

In a Reddit post, user ‘Lost_Set’ created such an alternative that would take a bit of work from Respawn to make but would give players an infinitely better progression system to track their progress while dishing out meaningful rewards.

“I think a prestige system would be a great solution,” Lost_Set said. “Every time you hit a level that is a multiple of 100, you are given the option to prestige. At certain levels (101, 301, 501, 701) you get to add another badge to your banner. At 901 you get a golden banner. Level 1000 should be a big prize, I’m not sure what though.”

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Lost_Set went on to say that while extra badges are great, it wouldn’t be the only reward for prestiging in their design. They say that it would continue the trend of receiving loot crates every so often, similar to how it was “pre level 100.”

Moreover, the user even outlined a benefit to not prestiging in their system: “If you sit at level 100*n, then you get a small number of crafting materials every time you earn a new level.”

Lost_Set via RedditLost_Set’s prestige layout could make tons of players happy with its rewards.
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Could a Prestige system ever make it to Apex Legends?

Either way, the Redditor thinks their take would “keep the game rewarding for players” regardless if they take advantage of the prestige or not.

For onlookers thinking it wouldn’t work since the devs rely on selling loot boxes to players in their free-to-play model, Lost_Set thinks there’s a give and take relationship: “They sell more crates if they retain a large player base. They retain a large player base by giving their players something to work towards. Right now they are not doing that.”

Lost_Set’s design is so far proving to be popular with the masses, and with the next season of Apex Legends coming on July 2 the devs could be on the lookout for creative ways to keep players engaged in their game.

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