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Perfect Apex Legends change would give Octane a much-needed buff

Published: 2/Mar/2020 11:34

by Connor Bennett


An Apex Legends player has devised a clever concept for Octane that would see the character receive some seemingly much-needed changes.

As had now become customary with the start of each new season for Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment adds a new character to the mix in order to shake things up. The first came in the form of Octane, a daredevil that has the ability to run faster and jump further than other legends.

Though, since being introduced all the way back in season one, the legend hasn’t changed all that much. His Swift Mend ability still allows him to regenerate health, Stim lets him run pretty quickly, and the launch pad gives teams an added level of mobility. Yet, some players feel Octane needs a change.


Octane kicks Mirage in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Octane debuted in Apex Legends season one and is set to receive an heirloom in season four.

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In a post to the Apex Legends subreddit, Reddit user NizzyDeniro pitched their idea for tweaks to how Octane currently works. Under their idea, the daredevil legend would be able to move a touch faster, though that would come with an added second of cooldown.

Yet, perhaps the biggest idea for a change comes in the form of an additional passive ability. Apex characters currently have one passive each but in NizzyDeniro’s idea, Octane would be granted a secondary passive that would allow him to have “no movement slowdown” while having a gun out.

Anyone who has ever played as Octane will appreciate that change considering you can burn a Stim and not have the same movement speed if you’re flustered and can’t holster your weapon. 


Definitive Octane Buff Simplified. from apexlegends

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Of course, plenty of players were supportive of the ideas put forward, with others even noting how the character could be changed further.

“Gun runner was a perk in Titanfall. It wouldn’t be that hard to add,” said user Mirage_Main. Another, Cypher1993, added: “Love all of this, and would suggest quieting his stim use to enemies near by. It’s an instant give away.”

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Now, while these fan concepts are usually well received by the community, it can be a different story for the developers who will have the own plans for each legend.


Whether or not they’ll take these ideas into account remains to be seen but Respawn might not be too far off the mark if they decide to finally update Octane.