Perfect Apex Legends buff would make Mirage’s decoy useful again


An Apex Legends player has devised a pretty clever idea to give Mirage’s decoy ability a bit of a buff so that it actually bamboozles enemies.

Like fans of plenty of other games, Apex Legends players have been coming up with their own ideas to change the game – be it through character tweaks, weapons changes, and even mocking up entire new Legends.

While Respawn Entertainment has tipped their hat to a few of the ideas, and perhaps even used a few as inspiration for their new updates, the developers do have their own plans for the battle royale. However, a new idea has reared its head that they may want to consider that would give Mirage a bit more power.

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Respawn Entertainment - MirageIn its current state, nobody falls for Mirage’s decoy.

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Called the Smart Decoy 2.0, the idea was posted to the Apex Legends subreddit by Reddit user XenotheBoi, who laid out a range of changes to the bamboozling legends ability. 

Instead of the decoy just running in a straight line and not really throwing anyone off your scent, with the Redditor’s idea, the decoy Mirage would do a lot more to make it seem a bit more real.

For example, XenotheBoi noted that the character could run through a Wraith portal, but instead of phasing to the other side, they’d disappear behind the initial portal – just to make it seem like they’d teleported through.

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Some players praised the idea but noted that it could be tweaked even further, just to really help give the decoy a bit more power. 

“Not bad, maybe have him actually holding the gun you had too,” commented one player. Another added: “These are real good but the one thing they need to do if they don’t use these, is make the decoys eat a few bullets before they’re destroyed.”

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Of course, any potential change to the character will come from the developers themselves, so it’s difficult to gauge what they’re actually going to do.

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We’ll just have to wait and see if they decided to take this clever idea on board or if they’re already cooking up something similar.