Overwatch-style dialogue could improve Apex Legends Ultimate abilities

Alan Bernal
Respawn Entertainment

A creative idea to implement Overwatch-inspired dialogue in Apex Legends would vastly improve teams looking to coordinate their Ultimate abilities.

As it stands, there isn’t a telegraphed way of notifying your teammates when your Ultimate ability is ready in Apex Legends. But an automatic voice line from your Legend to the rest of your team could make it much simpler to know what tools an Apex squad has.

Overwatch does a great job with this since the members of a six-character team each call out when their Ultimates are ready. Taking inspiration from this, Reddit user ‘tanaysharma97’ created concepts that can be used for every Legend in the game.

Respawn Entertainment
Whether you’re setting up an attack or going on defense, a quick way to communicate Ults in Apex Legends would be convenient.

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“When your ultimate ability is ready,” tanaysharma97 explained. “You can let your squadmates know [with] a noticeable UI followed by the Legend’s voice line.”

Great examples of this would be with Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt where they say “With the Allfather’s blessing, I am ready to hunt them down.”

It’s a clever and organic way to let the rest of your team know that your Ult is ready without having to turn on comms or awkwardly type in chat.

The voice lines would not only bring an Ult notification in Apex, but more personality to the characters.

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Apex Legends is known for its in-depth lore as well as the amazing personalities injected into every character, and these voice lines would only compliment that.

“Brothers, Mortar’s done loading! They will definitely see it coming HAHAHA,” reads Gibraltar’s proposed voice line, which he’d say when his Defensive Bombardment is ready.

While the idea was met with great reception, some thought the voice lines are just a bit too long just to tell people an ability is ready to use.

Respawn Entertainment
The idea could help Apex Legends teams coordinate attacks much more effectively.

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To fix that, some thought these voice lines could be activated when the player has about 90% charge in their Ult so it could be more preemptive while retaining the personality and flair of the full lines of dialogue.

In either case, it would also be accompanied by a simple UI addition to the HUD that would be lit up when the Ultimate is available for use.

A lot of players don’t like to chat in-game when playing with random teammates, so this type of communication can be vital for a team looking to push up on a team or make a last-ditch escape.