This Octane ‘finisher’ should be added to Apex Legends immediately

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An Apex Legends fan has made a finisher for new Legend Octane that looks good enough to be added to the game tomorrow.

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Octane is the newest addition to Apex’s line-up of Legends, and the first added to the game since its launch. An adrenaline junkie and former daredevil, Octane is all about speed and momentum using his Stim and Launch Pad abilities to traverse the map.

The addition of a new character always inspires some creativity from fans, and Apex Legends player u/Hexedz went above and beyond by animating an entirely new “finisher” move for Octane that wouldn’t look out of place if it had been made by Respawn themselves.

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Finishers are about eliminating enemies in style. Though technically they conserve ammo compared to simply shooting your opponent after they’ve been downed, finishers take several seconds to complete, during which time you’re vulnerable to attack.

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They’re also interrupted by taking damage, so in order to complete one you need to have the opponent entirely at your mercy, despite knowing that their team-mates must still be alive – otherwise they’d simply bleed out. Forcing an opponent to watch as you take a time out to showboat while eliminating them is therefore perhaps the ultimate disrespect.

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EAOne of Wraith’s finishers ends with a knock-out punch to the face.

In u/Hexedz’s finisher, called “Running Circles”, Octane does just that, looping around his enemy quickly before ending by breaking their neck with a flourish and posing for the camera.

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The finisher hasn’t just been popular with fans, but even caught the eye of Respawn themselves, with a developer complimenting u/Hexedz on his work.

Unfortunately for fans of the move, however, chances are it will never actually appear in the game even though many would consider it of high enough quality.

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