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NRG Ace baffled after Apex Legends bug negates Ring damage during scrims

Published: 19/Feb/2020 21:17 Updated: 19/Feb/2020 21:22

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends pro Brandon ‘Ace’ Winn was surprised to see a bug during NRG’s scrims that prevented someone from taking damage in the zone.

In the waning moments of a match, the NRG lineup was spectating the rest of the field after getting eliminated. That’s when a tight rotation at the turn of the fifth round by Complexity’s Ryan ‘Reptar’ Boyd made him veer into the Ring.

In the fourth round of a match, going outside of the circle’s perimeters inflicts 20 damage per tick to players. Staying in the zone at that point, even for a short period of time, would be enough to dish out massive damage.


Respawn Entertainment
The circle in Apex Legends can deal massive damage in the later rounds.

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Reptar’s rotation back to his team saw him go into the zone, open a door, turn back around to close it, and skimming halfway across the room to regroup with the rest of his Complexity squad.

That’s when Ace was wide-eyed after noticing that the spectator cam didn’t register the damage that the player should have accrued for his time in the circle.

“What?!” Ace said. “Did you guys see Reptar?! That guy was in the zone for a cool four seconds and did not take damage!”

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It’s unclear if it was a simple spectator bug that didn’t relay the damage Reptar would have taken. But in the ensuing fights that saw bullets exchanged between multiple teams, player damage was being tracked and update like it normally would.


Ace was shocked to see the bug live, later joking with his Twitch chat: “‘New Gibby buff.’ That s**t looks foul. ‘I would’ve been chunked for 80,’ that’s what I’m saying.”

The occasional bug like this could present a problem for production or teams during the inaugural campaign in the Apex Legends Global Series.

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Keeping track of a battle royale match already presents multiple factors for audiences to keep track of, a visual glitch would only add to the chaos of reading the battlefield.

On the other hand, a bug with the zone that negates its damage would present a major problem for any competitive match.


In either case, it’s likely going to be something Respawn takes a look at to polish their game for the 2020 esports circuit.