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Ninja gets stuck inside Apex Legends map after using Octane’s Launch Pad

Published: 19/Mar/2019 22:24 Updated: 19/Mar/2019 22:32

by Eli Becht


Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins became stuck inside of the map of Apex Legends after using the new jump pad.

The first season of Apex Legends has now launched and a lot of the bigger streamers have come over to give the game a look.

Despite this release of the new patch, Apex Legends still has its share of bugs and Ninja has discovered one of them.

During a recent match, Ninja tried to use one of Octane’s, the newest Legend, jump pads and ended up getting stuck in the map.

Both of his teammates were down and he needed to recover their beacons but was not quite able to do it as he was completely stuck.

The above clip, captured from streamer CouRageJD’s perspective, shows him spectating Ninja being unable to jump pad to his team’s rescue.

“Hang on guys,” Ninja said. “I’m on my way, on my way, hang on.”

Every time he took the Jump Pad, he was propelled further into the map.

Respawn EntertainmentIt looks like players will need to use Octane at their own risk until this is fixed.

To its credit, Apex Legends hasn’t had a ton of game-breaking bugs like this too often so the game remains perfectly fine the majority of the time.

Strangely enough, this isn’t the first time this exact same thing has happened to Ninja.

With so many players now on Apex Legends, it’s important to make sure everything is running without a hitch and Respawn has done that for the most part.

There is a problem with cheaters and hackers in the game but Respawn is making moves to combat that.

Apex Legends

Two essential Apex Legends tips every Crypto main should master

Published: 24/Nov/2020 14:19

by Alex Garton


Crypto might not be one of the meta legends in Apex Legends for Season 7, but there’s two handy tricks that will certainly help those who decide to main him get the best out of the Surveillance Expert.

Any player can learn how to play one of fifteen Legends available to choose in Apex. However, to truly master a Legend you need to know the character inside-out.

There’s no better way of developing your knowledge of a Legend than taking advice from players who have committed hundreds of hours to learn their strengths and weaknesses.

For Crypto mains, a video posted to Reddit has revealed a few details that will definitely help take the character to the next level.

Respawn Entertainment
The surveillance expert is unmatched in his ability to scout the enemy.

Two tricks every Crypto main should know

In a video posted to the Apex University subreddit, user EhWhateverOk uncovers two essential tips for mastering the Legend. Although the tricks seem simple, it’s surprising how few Crypto players use them to their advantage.

Earlier in the season, members of the community were using his drone to make a flying Rampart minigun, before it was patched. Now, players can hold down the tactical button to place down the drone without entering drone view – which puts you at a real advantage.

This allows you to place down your drone in heated gunfights without putting yourself at risk to enemies.

Here’s my two biggest tips on how to be a good Crypto. Lots of people say they’ve never seen a good Crypto but I think that’s because nobody knows how to use him! from apexlegends

A common mistake made by Crypto players is getting separated from their team due to using his drone view at the wrong time. This tip allows players to place down Crypto’s drone without the risk of isolating themselves from their team, or leaving him vulnerable.

Therefore, you can also be close to the enemy team when using the ultimate. Simply fly the drone high enough so the spherical hit radius only hits the enemy team and not you.

This is a tip that is so obvious, but not all will know it’s possible to use their ultimate when in close quarters with enemies. Often, Crypto mains will use their ultimate and hit themselves with the radius. As seen in the video, to reduce the hitbox, players will need to fly the drone high enough so only the bottom of the spherical hit radius is used.

Although EhWhateverOk’s video only contains two tips, they’re both incredibly useful to know.