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New Apex Legends skins and cosmetics leaked from December 3 update

Published: 4/Dec/2019 9:27

by Matt Porter


Respawn Entertainment dropped a brand-new update for Apex Legends on Tuesday, December 3, and data miners have leaked a host of skins and cosmetic items for fans of the game to enjoy.

Especially during Season 1, cosmetic items were a major point of contention for players of the popular battle royale title, with many claiming that the skins the developers released were boring, and calling on them to be a little more creative with their offerings.

Since then, Respawn have listened to fan criticism and released lots of exciting and creative skins, and that looks set to continue thanks to new leaks from @That1MiningGuy, who sifted through the December 3 update files to find what’s coming next to the game.


Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
Respawn have been adding more colorful and creative skins to Apex Legends.

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It seems that players will have plenty of new cosmetics to get their hands on in the coming weeks, with almost 200 cosmetic items spotted in the game’s files following the update.

All of the game’s Legends will receive multiple new skins, giving them a fresh look as they battle around the World’s End map, while many of your favorite weapons will also receive new coats of paint and lots of weapon charms to hang off the side and allow players to show their personality.

There are even some new icons and banners to give your game that final, personal touch, and you can view all of the leaked skins and cosmetics in the image below.


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While the leaked cosmetics are now in the game’s files, there is no guarantee that all of them will see the light of day, and there is currently no confirmed release date for players to look forward to.

The items were found in the game’s files following Tuesday’s December 3 update, which introduced a new progression system, changes to Firing Range and more.