New Apex Legends Hammond easter egg discovered in System Override teaser


Apex Legends players have seemingly uncovered another in-game easter egg after the confirmation of the System Override event, and it appears to be issuing a warning about Hammond Robotics. 

For some time now, Apex Legends fans have been coming across easter eggs in the Respawn Entertainment. These have been little ones – like Mirage’s messages to his mother and launching third-person view – as well as more interesting secrets like the Giant Nessy and the firing range dummies.

Some of these secrets have taken players quite some time to fully figure out and see the end result but it appears as if the developers have dropped another easter egg, and it’s a bit more obvious than normal.

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Respawn Entertainment
Fans of Titanfall instantly noticed that the familiar name of Hammond had appeared on World’s Edge.

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The new easter egg was pointed out by Apex Legends lore master FrozenFroh, who posted a screenshot of the new message about the recently revealed System Override event. 

While everything looks all fine and dandy, there is a hand full of letters that don’t exactly appear as clear as the rest. When noted down in the order that they appear, these letters spell out the message “Don’t believe Hammond,” in reference to the Hammond Robotics company that has become a part of the Apex universe.

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Now, as there isn’t much to go on outside of the message, players have been speculating as to what it could mean. “Really hope this leads to the PvE event,” commented one Redditor – making the link between Titanfall and Apex Legends. 

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Another, alfons100, added: My bet, it is gonna be something with a town takeover where the Harvester messes up the map further.”

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With Hammond Robotics seemingly playing the villain for many players in season four – with the map changes, death of Forge, and the arrival of Revenant – it’s a pretty perfect teaser from Respawn.

What it’ll lead to, however, still remains to be seen but it is sure to have speculation running rampant for a while yet.