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New Apex Legends exploit lets players quit ranked with no penalty

Published: 25/Mar/2020 15:44

by Calum Patterson


Despite Respawn’s best efforts at stopping ‘dashboarders’ in Apex Legends, a new exploit has been found, allowing players to avoid incurring any penalties for dipping out of ranked matches early.

Ranked Play in Apex is meant to test players’ true skill level, and reward them with prestigious ranks and rewards for climbing up the tiers.


Of course, for this system to work, it’s crucial that the game can accurately record and track a player’s performance. When Ranked play was first introduced, some exploiters found ways of exiting a match without the game tracking score or receiving a penalty, also known as ‘dashboarding.’

Respawn Entertainment
Dashboarding is used to game the system and avoid penalties in Apex Legends ranked play.

Although it was effective at first, the developers quickly took a harsh stance on it, issuing bans and other penalties for players caught dashboarding.


But, following the launch of the second split of Ranked Series 3, it appears a new way to dashboard has been discovered, and if not fixed soon, could run rampant.

Exposed by Reddit user u/ChangeThisXBL, it’s shown that after entering a ranked match and then using the ‘return to main menu’ option, they can safely quit out of the match, and incur no abandonment penalty whatsoever.

This will be an issue that Respawn aim to iron out very quickly before more cheaters exploit it and ruin ranked play for everyone else.


Given the harsh stance they’ve taken against dashboarding in the past, it’s possible the developers issue retrospective punishment for anyone caught using this, so we strongly recommend resisting the temptation to do it yourself.

The post has already garnered significant attention, and so it should be on Respawn’s radar very soon, if not already. Although you can report players you suspect of dashboarding, developer Eric Hewitt said in January that they can identify these cheaters themselves.

He also confirmed “judgment day” was coming for these cheaters, and it looks like another judgment day might be in order if more people start using this new exploit.

Apex Legends

Horizon officially revealed in Apex Legends via new Season 7 teasers

Published: 14/Oct/2020 0:40 Updated: 14/Oct/2020 0:47

by Alan Bernal


A new round of teasers for Apex Legends Season 7 has officially revealed a character named Horizon, as Respawn starts to wind up the hype for the next era in the battle royale.

The studio introduced a ‘monitor’ in the Firing Range which served as a terminal that played a video featuring someone talking off-screen. After completing all the challenges handed to you, the monitor officially introduces Dr. Mary Somers, also called Horizon.


That was a strong indication that Respawn could have Horizon queued up to be the Season 7 Legend, especially since she says “see ya real soon, darlins.” About a month out from the next season is about the time that the devs like to whet their fans’ appetites for new content.

Now we have a clear picture of who to expect to play in the Games soon. By how she introduced herself, it also sounds like Horizon and her crew will be making a major splash in Apex Legends whenever they finally debut.


“All that data you’ve provided us will come in handy… when we face ya in the Games,” Horizon said, after the player completed all of the challenges.

The same day as the teaser released in Apex, Respawn also announced the Championship Edition of the game that will be coming in Season 7. In that trailer, we see the silhouette of the next Legend for the game, which could very well be Horizon.

Earlier in October, dataminer ‘Biast’ found the challenges and the teaser that players are finding today. Horizon’s badge was also previewed in these leaks, with the image of her face and prominent goggles.


Horizon was also listed as an Offensive-type Legend in another slate of leaks that listed six other characters that were rumored for Apex.

Challenges all completed! All 3 teasers in one video from apexlegends

It should be noted that the order of the characters in that leak suggested she was still four Legend releases away from coming to Apex, but that obviously wouldn’t be the case if she arrives in Season 7.

While the in-game teaser has made Horizon an official character in Apex, fans should still wait to see if she turns out to be an Offensive Legend.


These teasers usually leaves people with more questions than they answer, but everything should be more clear when Season 7 launches in Apex Legends.