Mozambique is finally ‘viable’ after Apex Legends Season 6 changes

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The Mozambique is Apex Legends’ notorious shotgun pistol that has long been memed on for being useless, but sentiments in Season 6 are starting to change with more people calling it viable.

Almost every weapon in Apex Legends has its place; whether for long-range picks or chaotic close-quarter combat, players can generally find which gun is most suitable in different scenarios in the Arena.

That wasn’t the case with the Mozambique for a long time as shots from mid-range or further took precision and prayer to connect, and at close range, with all three pellets hitting, it hardly did any noticeable damage to opponents.

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While the pistol might not be the first thing Legends look to collect when diving into the Arena, players are seeing how a Hopped-Up ‘Bique has become a lot stronger thanks to some of the recent patch updates.

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Apex Legends players are starting to find a consistent use for the Mozambique.

“With the new buffs and the spread being so little, the Mozambique is now a viable weapon for mid-range fights,” Reddit user ‘JDPhoenix-8632’ said. “If you break a shield, landing even just one or two pellets with Hammerpoint midrange, you can turn the fight in your favor.”

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The Season 6 patch upgraded the shotgun by increasing its clip size from three to four. Now, that’s not a significant change to get hyped over, but attaching a Hammerpoint to it suddenly makes ‘cracked’ opponents a juicy target to hunt.

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Hammerpoint Rounds makes finishing unshielded targets much easier with the huge damage buff it gives to P2020 and Mozambique pistols. But with tight bullet-spread from shotguns now allowing for reliable distance shots, chasing down weakened players with the ‘Mozamcheeks’ can secure a lot more kills.

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Furthermore, JDPhoenix showed how the pistol can take down a full-health opponent, though you’re gonna have to hit all four shots from mid-range or further out.

The Mozambique’s respectability has been few and far between throughout Apex history, but now it seems like that story is changing as players are quickly finding how to make the shotgun pistol work to amp up its effectiveness.

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