Who are the most popular Apex Legends characters?

Apex Legends

Some characters are more popular than others in Apex Legends, and here’s a look at which characters players pick the most as well as who they pick the least.

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Apex Legends has gained a tremendous amount of players since its release in February and a large part of that’s due to the game’s fresh take on the genre.

Respawn Entertainment introduced characters with different abilities into the mix, which helped create more of a team-oriented battle royale experience.

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Respawn EntertainmentNot all characters are popular in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends currently only features a Trios playlist which means team synergy is important to have. While players can get by without having synergy and just fragging out, it definitely helps to have Legends that compliment the others in a squad.

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This means some of the characters, like Caustic, for example, is usually pretty low on a tier list since he doesn’t really bring a lot to a team outside of creating death rooms.

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A website by the name of Play-Apex.net tracks the most played characters and the results are pretty close to what you’d expect them to be. 

Wraith stands alone at the top while Octane is in second. Octane’s placement could be due to him being a new character but he’s also pretty fun to play which is why he lands where he does on the list.

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Respawn EntertainmentCaustic isn’t that popular in Apex Legends.

Who are the most popular Apex Legends characters?

Here’s how the list shakes out:

  1. Wraith (18.7%)
  2. Octane (16.8%)
  3. Lifeline (15.1%)
  4. Pathfinder (13.3%)
  5. Bangalore (12.8%)
  6. Bloodhound (7.8%)
  7. Mirage (6.2%)
  8. Caustic (4.9%)
  9. Gibraltar (4.3%)

As you can see by the popularity, the weaker characters in the game find themselves towards the bottom while the stronger ones are picked more.

The website tracks various other things in Apex Legends so it’s worth checking out if you want to know more about the game. It should be noted that not only is Wraith the most popular character in Apex, but she is also the one with the highest win rate at 19.8%.