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Apex Legends

Major Apex Legends bug instantly self-revives enemies

Published: 9/Apr/2020 14:34

by Daniel Cleary


A bizarre glitch has been found following the Apex Legends April 7 update, allowing enemies to instantly self-revive after being downed.

The Old Ways event kicked off on April 7 in Apex Legends and along with it came an update featuring changes for weapon and character balancing, as well as bug fixes and new playlists.

Unfortunately, the update appears to have also added a new glitch with Mirage’s decoys, which causes downed enemies to instantly revive.

Respawn Entertainment
Players have found a bug with Mirage’s tactical ability in Apex Legends.

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The bizarre glitch has been spotted by numerous players, with one example pointing out that the bug would only occur after Mirage’s decoy had been destroyed.


“When his decoy is destroyed (and the enemy is downed), the downed enemy revives,” they explained, highlighting the issue in the clip.

The video demonstrated that the downed player was instantly brought back to their feet after Mirage’s decoy was destroyed, which could lead to some problems for those looking to select Mirage in-game.

Someone discovered a Mirage bug where when his decoy is destroyed (and the enemy is downed), the downed enemy revives from apexlegends

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Many Mirage mains have voiced their frustration with the new bug, particularly after their favorite Legend received an accidental nerf in the last patch, with his Psyche Out ability being set to a 25-second cooldown.

Fans began to come up with their own theories on how the unusual bug had come about, with some even suggesting that a downed player would absorb the decoy’s lost health. However, regardless of its cause, the glitch could make Mirage mains much more cautious when it comes to using the bugged ability.


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Respawn game designer Carlos Pineda recently revealed that, despite the legend’s current state, they have some good news for Mirage fans with plans to implement buffs for the legend in a future patch.

Although he did not reveal much at all on what changes players can expect to see from the future update, it is likely that Respawn will look to fix this unusual bug as well as making him more viable against some of the fan-favorites which have dominated the character selection phase as of late.