Apex Legends’ leaked night mode could look awesome

Connor Bennett
Reddit: saxonn_88

One experimental Apex Legends fan has beaten Respawn Entertainment to the ‘night mode’ punch, showing off their idea of what the game’s map could look like in a darker setting.

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Will Apex Legends ever have a night mode?

Back on March 8, one dataminer seemingly uncovered in-game files which suggested that a ‘night mode’ was going to make its way into Apex Legends – either as a new map or a limited time mode.

However, despite calls from fans to shake things up and add the dynamic setting to the game, that hasn’t happened just yet and the wait to become an Apex Champion under the stars goes on. Yet, one fan may have given players the best look at what they could possibly expect if Respawn Entertainment follows through on a dark Kings Canyon.

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Reddit: saxonn_88
Bloodhound might just be one of the harder Legends to spot in the dark.

How does Apex Legends look in the dark?

In a post to the Apex Legends subreddit, user deaFPS showcased their video of what the map would possibly look like if turned dark.

The Redditor was able to achieve the unique look by tweaking their settings, turning Kings Canyon into a picturesque black with some gold tints landscape that would definitely breath new life into the battle royale title. 

Supply Bins also got given the black and gold overhaul, although that probably wouldn’t work on a wider scale in frantic combat. DeaFPS also used Bloodhound’s Plague Doctor skin as an example of what characters might look like at night, with the Legend almost blending into the background because of the settings that had been manipulated to make the map dark. 

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Of course, if the developers ever decided to release their planned night setting, they would likely ensure players remain pretty visible despite the darker look to the map – instead of the bizarre shading that can be achieved with a few settings changes.

It remains to be seen if Respawn will actually implement the previously leaked look as they’ve given no word or hints towards its possible inclusion.