Kayyybearxo hits out at criticism following lewd Apex Legends Lifeline cosplay

Kayyybearxo, Twitter

Popular cosplayer Kayyybearxo received widespread approval for her Lifeline cosplay from Apex Legends – but some fans aren’t happy with her more risque take on the character.

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Kayyybear uploaded a ‘lewd’ take on Lifeline to Twitter on March 4, which some critics took issue with due to cosplay’s NSFW theme.

Some accused her of merely ‘lewding’ characters for money through services like Patreon, while others called her cosplay “cringe” – leading Kayyybear to hit out at the mean comments in a series of pointed Tweets.

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“People always complain when I post lewds, saying, ‘This isn’t even cosplay anymore,’” she wrote of the debacle. “Just for the record, I do the full cosplay of a character every time I do a lewd version.”

She went on to encourage other cosplayers to embrace their craft no matter their style, emphasizing the fun of dressing up as fictional characters.

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“…even if I didn’t, it wouldn’t matter, because you can cosplay the way YOU want to!” she Tweeted. “Be it full armor, closet cosplay, lewd cosplay. It’s all cosplay and it’s all fun!”

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Kayyybear created a true-to-form version of Lifeline on March 1, which received extensive praise across the internet – even earning kudos from Respawn’s CEO Vince Zampella in the process.

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Kayyybear’s Lifeline cosplay is just one in a series of stunning portrayals of Apex Legends’ characters, which includes an impressive series of Wraith and Lifeline costumes.

Kayyybearxo, TwitterKayyybear’s initial Lifeline cosplay earned her widespread praise across the internet, with even the CEO of Respawn applauding her creation.

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As Apex Legends continues to grow in popularity, more and more cosplayers are sure to come out of the woodwork with interpretations of the game’s characters – so keep your eyes peeled for more Apex cosplay in the future.

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