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“Invisible wall” bug on Apex Legends map costs player the win

Published: 2/Nov/2019 18:43 Updated: 2/Nov/2019 19:24

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends has a history of strange bugs throughout its short lifespan, but an untimely discovery of an invisible wall glitch couldn’t have appeared at a worse moment for one player.

Respawn Entertainment is now in its third season for its popular battle royale title. While the game has vastly improved since launch, there are still moments when players find bizarre bugs that can hinder their Apex Legends experience.

Ever since players were shipped off to World’s Edge (the new location of the Apex Games), users sometimes find that the new locale has its fair share of glitches to be ironed out.


Invisible wall has immediate effects

In a Reddit post, user ‘SayHiToB0b’ highlighted a strange slip up from the Respawn devs, as it seems they left an extra bit of obstruction out in the open – catching the player completely off guard.

In a dire situation, the player was trying to evade an attacking Bloodhound. Playing as Wraith, they had a ton of escape options at their disposal, but they weren’t counting on being stopped in their tracks.

Lost my 4K badge to an invisible wall from r/apexlegends

As the fourth round was just starting, the player was relying on a bit of trickery to evade the attacking enemy. After seemingly outrunning the Bloodhound, they wanted to jump down over the cliff the had just scaled.


It was here that they came into contact with an invisible wall, noting that it wasn’t only stopping them from advancing – it was pushing them back.

“Lost my 4K badge to an invisible wall,” SayHiToB0b said before detailing the bug’s effect on their game. “The wall is pushing me towards him instead of letting me fall down.”

Respawn EntertainmentWith no where to go, the player was stuck between an opponent and and invisible wall.

Even though it looked as if they could have easily walked off the ledge, the video shows their character model moving in the first person POV – but they’re not advancing forward.

Instead, without the ability to go forward, the player was forced to turn around and face the Technological Tracker, which led to a quick elimination.


With only three squads left in the game – and SayHiToB0b registering almost four thousand damage done by the time they were eliminated – they must have felt that a good chance at winning a match was taken away from them.

In either case, a bug this obvious would be something at the top of the list for Respawn to quickly patch out, seeing as it could lead to unfortunate situations.