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Apex Legends

Incredibly detailed Wraith cosplay blows Apex Legends fans away

Published: 20/Apr/2019 14:54 Updated: 9/Feb/2022 13:15

by Connor Bennett


Fans of Apex Legends have continued to wow others with their increasingly impressive cosplay attempts at the game’s characters – yet, the newest Wraith-inspired look may have taken the cake.

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Who is Wraith?

Wraith has proven to be on the most popular characters for cosplayers to take on the form of, with plenty making their own claim to be the best yet.

Some have had outside help, using programs and filters to alter their look – giving themselves extra eye-catching detail on their cosplays and in the background of images. However, when done without too much external assistance, the Wraith costumes are some of the most impressive cosplays around.


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Impressive Wraith cosplay

In a post to the Apex Legends subreddit, user Daygao, wanted to give his wife’s Wraith recent cosplay a bump by getting a ton of eyes on it.

The user even took the time to crack a joke about the Legends hard to target hit-box, posting: “She fits the role very well because of her tiny hit-box (she is 5′ tall),” sparking laughs from other fans.

As ever, the costume matched the popular character to a tee by matching up with her signature look – including the black and purple jumpsuit complete with a hood, cut open knee pads and even Wraith’s knife. Daygao’s wife even dropped in some extremely bright blue eye coloring to make her look stand out even more.


Reddit: DaygaoPrevious Wraith cosplays have set a high standard – but this one matches up to them.[ad name=”article3″]

Users impressed by Wraith cosplay

Daygao’s wife’s cosplay drew plenty of praise from other Redditors – all complimenting her on the attention to detail.

“Damn brothar… LOOK AT THAT DETAIL!” commented one clearly impressed user. Another, going by the username naseh1086, added: “It looks pretty cool! Her hard work is reflected in the attention to detail.”

How does it match up to others?

Whether or not Daygao’s wife has the best Wraith-based Apex Legends cosplay created to this point so far isn’t up for us to decide. However, it can’t be too far off the top spot as it is clearly impressive and left a mark on the Reddit users who have had the privilege to view it.


Other cosplayers, like DesCaulfields, have used effects to make images of their cosplays pop and better than they normally would have.

DesCaulfields, TwitterSome of the best looking Wraith cosplay’s have used image effects for an enhancement.

Others, like cosplayer Lisa Mancini, pulled out all the stops to make their costume look as good as possible but, again, used photo editing effects to take it to another level.

Mancini’s effort looks like it’s from another galaxy.600

We’re sure that even more Apex Legends fans and cosplayers are going to put their time and effort into making their cosplay look as stunning as humanly possible – with plenty of Wraith-inspired looks still yet to come.