Incredible Apex Legends Heirloom ideas: Wattson, Mirage, Revenant, more

MuratoTheBandit (Twitter) / EA

Heirlooms are Apex Legends’ golden ticket and the most sought after items in Respawn’s battle royale, but plenty of characters are still missing their ultra-rare cosmetic.

Heirlooms are special items which offer players a way to show off some in-game bling, while also acting as a functional in-game tool for Legends.

So far, Wraith, Bloodhound, Lifeline and Pathfinder have all received their own respective ultra-rare cosmetic item. But there has been no word on which Legend will be presented with an Heirloom next, let alone what they would look like.

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Pathfinder's Heirloom set in Apex Legends.EA
Pathfinder most recently received their Boxing Gloves Heirloom in the Holo-Day Bash event.

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With four Legends already ticked off, there are eight remaining characters who are in the mix to be given an Heirloom.

One clever Reddit user has devised a rare cosmetic for each of the eight Legends and posted their conception to the Apex Legends subreddit.

DudeWithName's Heirloom concepts for Apex Legends.DudeWithName (Reddit)
Which Heirloom would you like to see implemented into Season 4?

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Each Heirloom is complete with a short backstory, which taps into some of the character’s lore and their traits to justify the weapon.

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For example, Wattson’s ‘Voltaic Baton’ was devised from a blueprint left behind by her father while he was the lead engineer for the Apex Games.

On the flip side, Mirage’s ‘Holo-bat’ plays on his holographic abilities alongside paying homage to his eccentric and bold personality.

Apex Legends' Heirloom explanations.DudeWithName (Reddit)
The Reddit user provided an explanation for each Heirloom.

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Of course, these are just concepts drafted by a talented fan eager to see more Heirlooms make their way into the Apex Legends universe.

However, should Respawn decide to implement any of the Reddit user’s ideas, there is less than a 1% chance of getting your hands on one… Unless you have your eyes on purchasing them through a collection event!

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