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Incredible Apex Legends Finisher moves Respawn need to add

Published: 12/Nov/2019 18:38 Updated: 12/Nov/2019 18:51

by Andy Williams


Respawn Entertainment are constantly adding new cosmetics and creative items to Apex Legends. However, characters are yet to receive an overhaul to ‘Finisher’ moves that have proved popular within the battle royale’s community.

During Apex Legends’ relatively short tenure in the battle royale realm, it has quickly become a catch — gathering its own faithful following. 

Respawn have run a number of limited-time events that have introduced a plethora of character and weapon skins. Yet, character Finishers are yet to receive a revamp. 

Finishers are character-specific execution moves that players can pull-off when their enemies have been knocked down. However, there appears to be a restricted selection available — of which is yet to receive a refresh. Here are three concepts that would have their own respective place in-game.


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The first Finisher was created by Reddit user, ‘Vaarnex’, and is a savvy play on the Caustic’s dark approach to science. 

Titled ‘Beaker Breaker’, the clip shows the Toxic Trapper’s use of shattering a glass chalice across his victim’s head, before dealing the final blow with the broken beaker. 

Albeit a simple (yet effective) finishing move, it caught the attention of a Respawn developer, who hinted at the potential for bringing the animator on-board within the comments section.

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Season 1 debutant Octane also received a fan-made Finisher from Reddit user, ‘Hexedz’. Playing on the Adrenaline Junkie’s knack for speed, the animation would make swift work of an enemy.  


Octane appears to daze his opponent by running circles around them, before lynching Wraith’s neck with a brutal twist.

Hexedz’s animation was lapped up the community, having received almost 30k upvotes. Respawn also caught wind of the ruthless finishing move, as they commented: “I love it! great work.” 

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Although the Holographic Trickster has not been given a fan-made spruce to his bamboozling executions, an eagle-eyed YouTuber under the alias ‘Mokeysniper’ has spotted a Batman–themed Finisher deep in the code files. 

Paying homage to Jack Nicholson’s Joker, the animation is near perfect replica of the Joker’s movement during his iconic scene


Although the leaked Mirage Finisher didn’t make the initial cut, it would be a fitting addition to the character’s jesting approach to the Apex Games.