New Apex Legends Arenas map ‘Encore’ leaked

Apex Encore map ArenasRespawn Entertainment

Following the release of the Evolution Collection Event, Apex Legends dataminers have found images of the new ‘Encore’ Arenas map in the game files.

Season 10’s Collection Event has arrived in the form of Evolution, and it’s introduced Big Maude to Worlds Edge, as well as giving Rampart her very own heirloom.

Despite all of the exciting new content, the community’s attention is already focused on what’s coming next, and dataminers have begun providing the answers.

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While Evolution did add Rampart’s modded weapons to Arenas, there were no huge additions to the 3v3 elimination mode.

However, that looks like it’s going to change very soon, as the new ‘Encore’ map has been discovered in the game files.

Arenas Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Arenas were introduced in the Season 9 update.

Dataminers discover new ‘Encore’ Arenas map in Apex Legends

With Arenas ranked arriving in Season 10, players are desperate for new maps to be released and luckily, it looks like Respawn plan on delivering exactly that.

Thanks to reliable Apex Legends dataminer Shrugtal, the community has been given their first look at the new ‘Encore’ Arenas map.

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With tropical trees and a neon blue stage-like theme, this is definitely a location where players will be able to showcase their skills and tactical gameplay. Although the image gives us very little information about the layout of ‘Encore’, it’s certainly visually impressive.

The map’s theme has suggested to some that it could be related to Seer, due to the stage-style design and blue color scheme, but nothing has been confirmed at this point in time.

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For now, it’s impossible to know when Respawn plans to release ‘Encore’ into the game, but it’ll likely be alongside an event.

Hopefully, it arrives in the near future, as Arenas players are desperate for another location to battle on and showcase their skills.

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