iitzTimmy explains the main reason he’s getting bored of Apex Legends

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Popular streamer Timmy ‘iitzTimmy’ An has revealed his biggest problem with Apex Legends and why he’s getting bored of Respawn’s battle royale.

Over the years, iitzTimmy has established himself as one of the most popular and talented Apex Legends streamers on Twitch.

Pulling off impressive highlight-reel clips and even playing with massive celebrities like Post Malone, it’s safe to say Timmy keeps his viewers entertained.

Despite this, Timmy doesn’t limit himself to the Outlands, as he’s often playing other titles like V Rising, Overwatch 2, and more recently even Modern Warfare 2.

Well, during a recent stream, Timmy revealed why he’s been playing less Apex and even outlined his biggest problem with the game at the moment.

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iitzTimmy has over 2.5 million followers on Twitch.

iitzTimmy reveals his biggest problem with Apex Legends

During a recent stream, Timmy decided to hop-on Apex but while booting it up, his viewers noticed he didn’t seem motivated to play.

That’s when Timmy revealed that in his opinion “there’s nothing” challenging about Apex anymore for him.

According to him, the game only ever pits him up against “10-year-olds” or casuals who just want to have fun and mess around in-game.

So, when he’s “tap-strafing” and one-shotting these opponents with ease, it doesn’t feel good or rewarding for him.

Ultimately, it’s obvious Timmy has a problem with Apex’s matchmaking, which has been a major issue that’s been raised by the community for a long-time.

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Although Ranked offers a more competitive environment for players like Timmy, competitors are significantly less aggressive and in higher tiers, a lot of cheaters are causing havoc.

So, it’s clear Timmy is losing motivation to play Apex and with games like Overwatch 2 and MW2 recently coming out, it’s easy to see why he’s choosing to play them instead.