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How to use Wraith’s ‘Void’ ability to scout out enemies in Apex Legends

Published: 23/Dec/2019 13:30 Updated: 23/Dec/2019 13:32

by Andy Williams


Wraith’s ‘Into the Void’ Tactical ability is often used to scurry out of a dangerous situation in Apex Legends, but there is more to her inter-dimensional shifting than meets the eye.

Wraith is the most popular choice of Legend among the battle royale’s diverse roster of characters. Given her low profile, small hitbox (relative to other Legends) and movement speed, it should come as no surprise why she’s the number one pick for the majority. 

The Interdimensional Skirmisher also rocks a solid set of abilities, which each support her ability to evade danger by utilizing the safety of void space. 


EAWraith’s ‘Into the Void’ ability momentarily places you into another dimension, where you can avoid taking damage from enemies.

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However, while Wraith’s abilities are typically used to escape treacherous situations, entering the void also gives you an ability that rivals Pathfinder’s scouting proficiency, as one Reddit user pointed out.

Posted to the Apex Legends’ subreddit, the player shows how when another Wraith shifts into void space at the same time, their location can be spotted.

I don’t know how many people know this, but I just discovered it, if two Wraiths phased. They will see each others in the void. from apexlegends

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While this only shows fellow teammates performing simultaneous inter-dimensional shifts, another user commented on how this ability can be used to spot any enemy in void space (i.e., traveling using Dimensional Rift Ultimate ability).

A dude won the game by throwing an Arc Star, going into the void and then seeing the other Wraith (last person on the other team alive) behind a Death Box and shooting her for the win. It was pretty crazy.”


Of course, deploying either Wraith’s Tactical or Ultimate ability purely to scout out enemies would require practice. Since its use is situational and there is an element of timing involved, this is something only the more experienced Wraith players would be able to utilize efficiently.

EAWraith can see a lot more than initially meets the eye, when shifting through void space.

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While on the surface this appears to just have in-game applications, it also confirms that players are shifting into only one alternate dimension/reality when using void space (as opposed to flirting between several dimensions). 

Although the Voidwalker harnesses her void manipulation to run riot in the Apex Games, this newfound quirk within her abilities proves that Wraith really is a jack of all trades.