How to make Apex Legends’ bunker into a Wattson death trap

Eli Becht

Wattson, Apex Legends’ newest character, can create a death room of her own that can actually dish out a ton of damage and be responsible for winning a match.

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Caustic has long been best-known for his gas chamber rooms where he traps unsuspected players and slowly chips at away at their health with his poison.

With the introduction of Season 2, we now have Wattson who can rival Caustic with her own death rooms and her’s actually have the potential to be a bit more deadly and more surprising.

Respawn Entertainment
Wattson might’ve discovered the new meta.
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The general idea is you have to set up a ton of nodes both inside the bunker and directly outside the main door.

You are able to close the door which cuts the power to the nodes, which makes it seem like everything is all safe. However, if you open the door back up, it will start the nodes back up and melt any player caught in the crossfire.

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Reddit user Thechaosclown showed everyone just how effective this strategy can be. Wattson’s traps don’t do a ton of damage but if a player isn’t able to find their way out of them, that’s where the real problem begins.

The video shows how the method works and how she was able to use her traps to corral a squad into a room and wipe them.

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In the end, it comes down to if you prefer a simple electrical death or if you’d prefer to gas your opponents.

Wattson and Caustic have a lot of similarities thanks to their more defensive playstyles so it’s hard to go wrong with either. Since Wattson is the new blood, it’s expected you’ll see a lot more players messing around with her over Caustic.

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Since Apex Legends Season 2 introduced ranked play, it might be more difficult to pull off a gas room or electric trap kill zone in the higher ranks but everything is still fair game in unranked.