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How to glide incredibly far from jump tower balloons in Apex Legends

Published: 14/Feb/2019 0:00 Updated: 14/Feb/2019 0:36

by Albert Petrosyan


Gliding is an important function in Apex Legends battle royale because it’s one of the best way for players to get around the map. We’re here to show you how to get great distance when gliding down from jump tower balloons. 

There are two ways that players can activate the gliding mechanism; the first is during the initial drop from the dropship and the second is when using one of the many jump tower balloons located throughout the map. 

Thanks to a trick that’s recently surfaced online, players can now get a massive boost when gliding down from jump towers to maximize the distance they can cover before hitting the ground.


The trick is relatively simple to execute; the first step is to find a jump tower and begin climbing up the zipline. It’s important here to make sure that your Legend character is looking directly up all the way through the entire process.

As your Legend reaches the top of the balloon and launches, instead of immediately looking towards the direction you want to travel, use the free-look function to aim towards that direction while keeping the character’s line of vision still aimed straight up.

If this is executed properly, the Legend will get a massive boost as it flies in the direction you are pointing at with your free-look, and these boosts will continue to happen every time the character gets close to the ground.


This mechanic can be extended by flying closely over the various canyons, mountaintops, and land-bridges located throughout the higher levels of the map, as every time you get just above one, the game will register you as getting close to “the ground” and will activate another boost. 

A demonstration of this method can be seen in the video below, courtesy of popular streamer ‘JoshOG,’ who really brought this trick into the limelight. 

If performed correctly, this technique can result in a glide that’s tremendously farther than any normal glide down from a jump tower and can provide a huge advantage in several situations.


For example, it can be used to effectively escape the dangers of the closing bubble, and you might even manage to glide all the way to the next safe zone.

When being chased by an enemy team, this trick can also get you out of immediate danger and far away from any opponents, who may not know how to do the trick and thus will not be able to catch up to you.