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How can Mirage’s Passive Ability be fixed? Apex Legends player offers the perfect solution

Published: 26/Apr/2019 21:08 Updated: 26/Apr/2019 21:10

by Albert Petrosyan


There is no hiding the fact that Mirage’s Passive Ability in Apex Legends isn’t exactly all-powerful, but there’s a very strong idea of how it can be improved. 

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Mirage has been a Legend in Apex Legends that’s often come under scrutiny for his underwhelming abilities, especially the Vanishing Act Ult that will never really fool experienced players.

What doesn’t get talked about as much is his Encore Passive Ability, which activates when the player gets knocked, cloaking him in invisibility for five seconds while also automatically deploying a decoy.

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What’s wrong with Mirage’s current Passive?

The reason why many players don’t fancy Mirage’s current Passive is because it really doesn’t do much to make playing as the Legend worthwhile.

As Reddit user ‘765rl’ pointed out, knocked players would much rather prioritize giving their teammates intel and getting to a safe spot to be revived rather than having some ability activate. 

Everyone has their take on the Mirage passive. Here’s mine. from r/apexlegends

How can Mirage’s Passive be improved?

While the idea above does seem like it could be an improvement, the real way Mirage’s Passive can be fixed is to completely dump it and give him a new one.

Another Reddit user ‘Edawg530,’ had the brilliant idea of giving the Mirage a new Passive that would reduce the cooldown of his Tactical and Ultimate Abilities by a certain percentage any time one of the Mirage’s decoys were fired upon.


This not only would allow the Passive to supplement the Tactical and Ultimate in a much better way, it would also reward players for using their other abilities in such a strategic way that it successfully fooled players. 

Respawn EntertainmentCompletely changing Mirage’s Passive Ability would certainly make the Legend much more viable.

Other suggestions for Mirage

As mentioned above, the topic of Mirage’s Ultimate Ability has been discussed often since the game’s release, with players not entirely convinced that it stacks up against the Ult’s of other powerful Legends.

One popular idea on how that can be improved is instead of making the actual player invisible while deploying four decoys, have the player actually be visible, that way enemies will not know which of the five Mirages is the real one.


Of course, whether or not Respawn Entertainment will use any of these suggestions to inspire them to make changes, remains to be seen, but there are certainly a lot of good ideas out there in the world of Apex Legends.