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Apex Legends • Mar 03, 2019

Highlights and final placements from DLive Apex Legends tournament - ft. Cloud9, Team Liquid and more

Highlights and final placements from DLive Apex Legends tournament - ft. Cloud9, Team Liquid and more

The dust has settled on the grand finals of the $10,000 DLive Apex Legends tournament, and a winner has been decided, after hours of enthralling matches in the biggest Apex competition yet.


With over 200 teams competing, the DLive tournament was the first 'open' tournament for Apex Legends, where players were not required to be big name streamers to get in.

10 teams made it through to the finals after a gruelling qualifier, another five by popular vote, and another four by invitation, with the $10,000 prize pool to be split between the highest placing squads.


Points were awarded to teams for both kills and match wins, with each kill worth a single point, and an extra 10 points for each game won.

There was even some professional level players involved, with Cloud9 and Team Liquid both represented.

Check out the highlights and best plays from the tournament, which was streamed live on the DLive platform.


But, in the end it was the little know squad of 'Impulse' that came out on top, featuring pkmk, 9impulse and AzeeWasTaken, who netted the $4,500 first place prize.

It was a dominant run all the way through for Impulse, as they also took the top spot in the qualifying round, before bettering their own performance in the finals.

DLive Apex Legends tournament 2 - Final Placements

1Impulsepkmk, 9impulse, Azee$4,500
2Team KephriiT33N4G3, FPS_Kephrii, LG-JP2$1,200
3FPS Macroersflowercat420, Zonsokun, Kudos$600
4AllPlannedOsnazeni, wSerious, AsuraxX$300
5Cloud9PVPx, Frexs, Grego$300
6OfficialsJazzyJ, SWOLZ, Dubis$300
7Win ConditionImMarksman, Tennp0, Lyric$300
8Hit or MissTuniGG, freddo, Aeon$300
9Team Liquid BlueCasper, Rogue, Flanker$150
10Wingman WinrateRykoo, JonJon, Xenial$150
11FragulationsBambKING, chiefReligion, Meggsey$150
12SenzawaM_Buna, Oddwen, gravelman1337$150
13UMYHU SE A JDUDavsa, MikenWasTaken, RadekH1Z1$150
14Bunker BoysMimunyah, RETTEEE, Zerotsu$150
15Droppin Deezfoxdigit, Tripeezy, SickPlay$150
16KKona HYPERCLAPJay3, Lassiz, iamtrevormay$150
17Noble EsportsBlitziiN, mikeysnipey, Dzurv$150
18BotsTuPro, NoahFromYoutube, HunchoJames$150
19AÖHPlayer53, Jagrael, Paxim$150