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Healing in Apex Legends could be greatly improved with this simple change

Published: 25/Apr/2019 19:42 Updated: 25/Apr/2019 20:41

by Albert Petrosyan


Healing is one of the most important fundamentals of surviving during Apex Legends matches, and one player has come up with a way that it can be considerably improved.

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There is a multitude of consumables in Apex Legends that contributes to players’ health and shields, including Syringes, Med-Kits, Shield Cells, Shield Batteries, and Phoenix Kits. 

The way the healing system currently works in-game is that these consumables are placed into a scroll-wheel, from which players select the one they want to use at any given time.

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To make healing more efficient, players are able to set a certain health consumable as the default, so that they can trigger its use without having to manually select it from the scroll wheel each time. 


However, depending on the situation, players are often still forced to change their consumable of choice at various points during the match, which can still prove to be nuisance at times, especially during the heat of battle. 

Respawn EntertainmentThe current healing system requires players to use a scroll wheel to select their desired health consumable.
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Proposed changes to healing Apex Legends

Reddit user ‘Pharroh_Tyga’ has posted a breakdown of how the healing system in Apex Legends could be improved, and it involves the game being able to determines what kind of healing consumable the player needs to use at any given time.

Essentially, if a player was low on shield but high on health, pressing the heal button would automatically trigger the use of a Shield Battery, while the opposite scenario would lead to a Med-Kit being used.


The proposal also suggests that the stronger health items be used in priority to lesser ones, meaning Batteries would be used before Cells and Med-Kits would be used before Syringes. 

Tapping the heal button should heal whatever heal is needed when one is full (QUALITY OF LIFE IMPROVEMENT) from r/apexlegends

Improvements to this proposal

While the basis of the idea proposed by the Reddit user is pretty good, others pointed out some aspects of it that could prove to be counterproductive.

For one, the feature would only work well if its was optional, meaning players would have the chance to enable or disable it according to their preference.

Furthermore, some players may want to use the lesser consumables before the higher ones, so having Batteries and Med-Kits be consumed first by default may not be ideal.


A good improvement to this idea would have the health algorithm change based on what kind of Armor the player has equipped:

  • White armor: prefer cells over batteries
  • Blue armor+: prefer batteries when <50%, cells at >50%.
  • <50% health use medkits, >50% health use syringe.
  • Never automatically use Phx kit, but have separate and keybinding option specifically for Phx kit.
Respawn EntertainmentA further improvement to the proposal would have the game decide what kind of healing consumable to use based on the player’s armor.

Intended for console

All of the ideas presented above would be intended for console much more than PC, since players using a mouse and keyboard are able to bind different types of health consumables to whichever keys they choose.

However, controller players are forced to use the scroll wheel, which can be frustrating and difficult to navigate during gunfights, so having a system that determines the consumable you need at any given time would be a huge plus.