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Glitched spots on Apex Legends map let you hide in rocks for easy wins

Published: 3/Nov/2019 20:20 Updated: 3/Nov/2019 23:46

by Eli Becht


Apex Legends Season 3 ditched Kings Canyon and replaced it with World’s Edge, but the new map has had its fair share of problems.

Glitches have always been persistent in Respawn’s hit battle royale title, but the majority of them have just been minor inconveniences instead of anything game-breaking, but that has all changed here.

A new glitch allows players to hide inside of a rock and hide for easy high placements in a match, and even a win depending on where the circle closes. 

EAWorld’s Edge is home to a new glitch.

This glitch in question actually makes a normal looking rock have no collision detection, allowing players to crouch inside of it while remaining invisible to the naked eye.


Reddit user jjohn141 was able to capture this in a clip where an enemy team was huddled inside of the rock trying to wait it out for an easy win.

However, this Redditor had other plans as they went into the rock with the squad and eliminated them, securing the win for themselves.

That hidden rock! First time running into a team utilising the rock! Team and I was confused for like 2minutes before that point like wtf from r/apexlegends

This is a pretty major exploit that exists in the game right now, as players will easily be able to abuse it and ride it out to easy victories.

Normally, it’d be annoying, but it wouldn’t matter too much since there wasn’t a ranked mode, but now Apex does have that and this could directly influence player ranks.


If Respawn isn’t aware of this glitch yet, they certainly will as it becomes more and more abused.

Respawn EntertainmentApex Legends bugs are annoying, but this one takes the cake.

Now players will have to be cautious of rocks they come across as there’s no telling which ones are actually rocks or what are actually death traps holding a whole squad.

It’s a bizarre glitch for sure and we hope the developers will be able to fix this one before it becomes too out of hand.

Many replies to the thread indicate the glitch is already becoming widespread with several players they have already run into players using the exploit.


Major bugs like this usually move straight to the top of the priority list since they have a direct impact on the game.

Keep an eye on the Apex Legends Trello board and see if this pops up in the coming days. In the meantime, be extra wary of suspicious-looking rocks.