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Game-changing secret spots and shortcuts discovered on Apex Legends map

Published: 28/Mar/2019 1:30 Updated: 28/Mar/2019 1:31

by Albert Petrosyan


There are numerous secret spots and shortcuts on the Apex Legends map that can provide a huge advantage to players, and we’re here to make sure you’re familiar with at least some of them.

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Players who are trying to master Apex Legends must first learn the ins and outs of the map like the back of their hand.

Knowing more about the game than your opponents can be a huge advantage, and even the smallest advantages can eventually lead to match victories when it comes to battle royales.

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With this in mind, YouTuber ‘mfewke’ has compiled together all of the lesser known spots and shortcuts on the Apex Legends map that can prove to be very useful and potentially even game-changing.


Keep in mind that a lot of these are much easier to access with the Pathfinder’s Tactical and Ultimate Abilities, so the details outlined in this guide in terms of how to get to these spots are meant mainly for other Legends. 

Respawn EntertainmentThe Apex Legends map is full of secret spots and shortcuts, some of which may lend a huge advantage during matches.

The YouTuber has highlight 11 spots and shortcuts, and they’ve all been listed below along with the area of the map they’re located in and a brief description of how to reach them.

  • Skull Town: You can climb onto the bones of the giant skeleton and eventually get pretty high up, providing you with many direct lines of sight to the areas both below and around you.
  • Wetlands: Instead of taking the usual route to get to the upper level, just use one of the smaller structures to climb onto the side of the cliff and then climb onto the upper landing. 
  • Near Market: A nearby cliff has a nice plateaued are on its side that can be reached by climbing a short way. From here, you will have a nice view of Market and other nearby areas.
  • The Pit: Climbing the inner walls of The Pit will get you to an elevated platform that you can shoot from at unsuspecting enemies. The metal bars around the platform also provide good cover if you simply want to hide.
  • Near Cascades: The hill near the Cascades can be a daunting climb if there are enemies nearby, but you can avoid the main hillside by using the rocks to climb to the top.
  • Two Spines: The large skeletons located near Wetlands are hard to climb, and an easy way to get get on top of them is to use the Jump Tower that’s located just south of it.
  • Water Treatment: There are two ways to get on top of the roof of the main buildings in Water Treatment, other than using a Pathfinder’s abilities:
    • Open the second floor doors outward and use them as ledges to climb to the roof.
    • The Jump Tower located at the side of the main buildings lets you glide down to the roof nice and easy.
  • Airbase: A short and easy way to get across the main building in Airbase is to climb the fence then onto the middle platform, which cuts directly through the building and offers a nice view of the entire area.
  • Airbase: The surrounding buildings in Airbase may be too high to climb normally, but climbing the rocks on its side offers an easy way to get to the roof.
  • Central canyon: The central canyon between Cascades and Bridges sees three different paths meet at a clearing in the middle, which also contains a Respawn point. To avoid potentially getting pinched here, you can climb the nearby cliff to a higher landing, which provides both cover and a great spot to shoot from.

Use this Apex Legends map to track down exactly where all of these spots and shortcuts are located.
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You can check out all of these spots and shortcuts in the YouTube video below, which includes a visual demonstration of how to properly reach them and how they can be used against unsuspecting opponents.


Make sure to also check out the guide containing 10 tips and tricks for mastering advanced movement techniques in Apex Legends, also made by the very same YouTuber!

Now that you’ve checked out this guide, you are armed with potentially game-changing knowledge of the Apex Legends map, so go ahead and load into a game and see if it helps you win more matches!