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Game-breaking Apex Legends glitch is phasing players into solid objects

Published: 19/Feb/2020 2:10

by Alan Bernal


More Apex Legends players are phasing through solid objects in Season 4, and this time it’s got nothing to do with the glitched refrigerator on World’s Edge.

There’s been more of these instances ever since the community became aware that a hollowed fridge could be used as an excellent hiding spot for players looking to avoid combat or set up a surprise attack.

Now there are examples of the same instance occurring but with building pillars and even Legend ultimates such as Lifeline’s Care Package ordinance.

Respawn Entertainment
More players have been glitching through objects since the start of Apex Legends Season 4.

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It’s unclear how the players got themselves locked in there, but clips like Reddit user ‘Slooshe’s shows that they can appear just about anywhere.


Going through the fields on Fragment West, Slooshe climbed up a ledge near some Death boxes when they saw a player’s legs poking out from the pillar nearby.

They were stuck within the object’s parameters and when the glitched player took a shot, it got stopped by the way they were trapped in.

Honestly had a mini heart attack I don’t even know how she got in there from apexlegends

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“I’ve gotten glitched into a wall twice in the last week both times were from coming through Wraith portal,” another player wrote. “I was stuck and couldn’t get out.”

Since bullets weren’t making their way through, Slooshe took out a couple of Thermite grenades to burn the glitched foe out of their spot.


Another instance from user ‘dibsmeister’ was a bit more bizarre since it made shrouded an opponent within the Combat Medic’s ultimate ability.

Slooshe via Reddit
An Apex Legends player got stuck between the confines of the pillar, you can see their leg peeking from the bottom.

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After a fight with two other teams, there was one opponent left to take care of but they were glitched inside of the Care Package.

Just like Slooshe, the player took out two Thermites and threw them to the foot of the drop pod where the foe’s health quickly ticked down.

It doesn’t look like these glitches give people an advantage over the competition. In the first instance, the player got stuck in a building without an escape.


I present to you: people hiding in care packages from apexlegends

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In the second, they were trapped in the Care Package while the other team swarmed them just before finishing this off.

In either case, it looks like this could be a bug that Respawn looks to fix in order to prevent more Apex Legends players from getting stuck within objects.