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Funny Apex Legends map perfectly sums up the game’s current state

Published: 9/Apr/2019 11:03 Updated: 9/Apr/2019 11:19

by Calum Patterson


The Apex Legends map is now a very familiar sight for millions of players, so much so that they can now pinpoint exactly what each location will entail in any given match.

The map, or ‘arena’, is known as King’s Canyon and plays host to the Apex games, where the legends battle it out to become champions.

It is based in the Titanfall universe, in an area called the Outlands, and is home to a number of different biomes, with desert, rivers, lush green areas and industrial sites. It’s a varied and expansive map.

RespawnThe Apex Legends map is arguably getting a little stale for some players.

However, the Apex Legends map is also fairly compact. At least, in comparison to other battle royale games. With the ease of movement and zip lines that send you flying across large distances, the whole arena becomes pretty familiar, pretty quick.

Regular players will already have their preferred landing spots picked out and the areas they almost never venture too, but if you’ve not made your mind up yet, then this brilliant fan-made map might perfectly describe each area for you. 

Shared by u/skaymonkey on the official Apex Legends Reddit, the map provides more tongue-in-cheek, but perhaps more accurate, descriptions of each named location.

u/skaymonkeyThe location names perfectly describe each area in King’s Canyon.

Some especially accurate ones are the ‘fight over the purple armor’ in Thunderdome, the panic that the ‘green stuff’ at water treatment is deadly, or the ‘let’s have a long game’ by landing at Relay.

For new players, there’s actually some good advice in this map too, such as how quiet Swamps can be, despite it’s good loot potential.

Will Apex Legends add a new map?

With all that being said, there’s a growing desire among fans for a new map, or perhaps some changes/additions to the current one.

There were leaks of a potential night time version of the current arena, but these are yet to come to fruition. The developers have, unsurprisingly, remained tight-lipped on the potential of a new map, or map changes, but surely they have some plans in the works.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends dev reveals top 5 most played legends in Season 7

Published: 27/Nov/2020 10:08

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends developer Daniel Klein has revealed the five most popular legends from Season 7 – and it should come as no surprise that Horizon is right up there already.

As the Apex Legends seasons have unfolded, it’s been easy for players to chop and change the legends they use seeing as a new character is introduced which each major, season starting update. 

The new character always receives huge attention as players want to test out the new content, but sometimes, they don’t stick around and can immediately fall to the bottom of the pile once fans are seemingly bored with them. 

In the case of Horizon and Apex Legends Season 7, she has been able to stick around as one of the most played legends – even cementing her spot amongst some of the battle royale’s long-term favorites.

Wraith in World's Edge Apex Legends
Wraith still leads the way as Apex’s most-used legend.

Speaking on The Third Party: An Apex Legends podcast, Respawn Senior Game Designer Daniel Klein revealed how the list of most played legends in the new season had started to shape up.

“Wraith, Bloodhound, Horizon, Octane, and then Lifeline, that’s the pick order right now,” Klein told the podcast hosts in relation to the top five, noting that Horizon had started to settle in the top five after her initial explosion in use. 

Octane being so high might surprise a few players, and as Klein points out, he doesn’t “win a lot of games,” but he’s so fun to play because of his speedy abilities. Klein also noted that there is an “interesting situation” with Bloodhound because they have a high pick rate, but they don’t win a lot of games. 

Timestamp of 46:00

Additionally, the Apex developer revealed that Loba has also seen a rise in her trios win rate after her Ultimate received a bit of a shake up at the start of Season 7. Though, he didn’t note just how popular and used that she has become. 

As the season unfolds, some currently lesser-played legends might see a boost in usage after Respawn rolls out patches, so, we’ll have to wait and see as to whether or not the top five is shaken up or if it stays the same moving forward.