Dr Disrespect’s Apex Legends rage perfectly captures hit reg frustrations

Respawn Entertainment / DrDisrespect Twitch

Apex Legends after recurring issues with hit registration might have caused his untimely death in a match.

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Respawn Entertainment hit on an instant competitor for the stacked battle royale genre when they released Apex Legends on February 4. Though players instantly filled the servers, a surprising amount of bugs have been plaguing the game since launch.

One of the issues that mar gameplay for thousands of players are the incredibly frustrating hit reg in Apex Legends. The persistent bug can make clean shots seemingly disappear from the server which can lead to unfortunate situations like the Doc found himself in.

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Respawn EntertainmentHit reg issues have been just one of the many growing issues in Apex Legends.

During a July 30 stream, the Doc could be seen fending off an enemy squad as the fight had been consumed by the shrinking zone. While he was able to dispatch one opponent with his Havoc, he didn’t have much luck with the ensuing battle.

Switching over to his Wingman, the Doc’s aim was on point for the initial shot, hitting the target for 41 damage and not much else.

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“What happened to those bullets,” The Doc furiously said. “Where the fuck are those bullets going?! There’s fucking two bullets that they even register. Where were they?! Holy shit. Easy. ”

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With both guns having either an empty clip or near-empty magazine, the Doc was quickly eliminated by his foe after being left completely defenseless in the midst of the apparent hit reg issues.

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There’s been more than a few problems regarding shots landing on enemies in the game before.

The streamer was quite livid after the whole ordeal, slamming his desk before going into his manic tirade at what he saw as another example of shaky development progress for the game.

Later on the Doc saw a playback of his battle with a more level head to give a proper analysis. While the evidence made him change his tune for a couple of shots, there were still some that seem like they were right on the money to him.

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The Two-time wasn’t convinced that all of the missed shots deserved to miss their mark, making it another entry in the backlog of questionable hit registration issues in Apex Legends.