Dr Disrespect uninstalls Apex Legends after infuriating audio issues

Andy Williams

Dr Disrespect has had enough of Apex Legends already in Season 4, and uninstalled Respawn’s hit battle royale in a fit of rage over supposed audio issues.

While plenty of fans have been enjoying Respawn’s efforts with their fourth season of Apex Legends, Dr Disrespect has mixed feelings.

After previously lashing out at the game’s audio issues, the Doc decided to dabble in Apex Legends once again — given all of the hype surrounding Revenant’s entrance into the game.

Dr Disrespect edited into Revenant's Assimilation poster.drdisrespect (Twitter)
The Two-Time decided to give Apex Legends another chance for Season 4.

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However, his return to the Apex Games was short-lived, after the Doc experienced another audio issue during an intense clutch situation while playing duos.

“Oh yeah, did I hear you? No, I did not!” he yelled after being taken out by an opponent from his right. Admittedly, the enemy can quite clearly be heard sliding to his right on the stream, but the Doc must have missed the sound cue.

“So what I do… Because I don’t hear you, you know what I do? You know what the f**k I do? I get this sh*t game off my computer.”

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“I’m so sick and tired of people rolling up on me and I can’t hear it,” the Doc ranted. “I can’t hear anything – like this dude, out of nowhere… So what we do, we get it off!”

He proceeded to slam his desk in a fit of rage and lashed out at Origin, EA’s launcher, for being a “f**king piece of sh*t” before eventually uninstalling Apex and hopping over to PUBG.

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This isn’t the first time Dr Disrespect has taken the liberty of impulsively uninstalling Respawn’s hit game, after he did so in a cathartic effort to vent his frustrations with Apex Legends’ hit registration issues.

Evidently, the Two-Time has had a turbulent relationship with the battle royale, but this could prove to be the final straw once and for all. He does have a bit of a reputation for the dramatic uninstalls though, so he’ll probably be back in time for next season.