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Apex Legends

Dr Disrespect hilariously roasts summit1g for playing Apex Legends

Published: 6/Feb/2019 23:18 Updated: 6/Feb/2019 23:53

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends since its release on February 4, and as such, he has a few things to say about summit1g’s attempts at getting into the new battle royale.

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Even though Apex Legends is only a few days olds, big time streamers are already looking forward to a rumored $50,000 tournament to take early bragging rights in the title.

During his stream on February 6, Dr Disrespect was asked if summit had a good chance to compete for the upcoming $50k pot, which prompted a typical response from the Doc.

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Apex Legends has been attracting a ton of players, but the Doc thinks it isn’t the place for a particular streamer.

“He’s lost his skill, man,” Dr Disrespect said. “He’s been jumping from one ship to the other in the middle of the open seas… [Apex Legends] is where the big boys are playing right now. Ain’t no hiding in the Captain’s Quarters, you can’t hide in this game. If that guy EVER crosses my path in this game: night.”


The Doc was, of course, referring to Sea of Thieves where he’s frequently seen patiently waiting on rival ships for the opportune moment to strike or dupe his opponents.

Due to the passive nature of summit’s play, Dr Disrespect surmised that the former CS:GO pro isn’t ready for the high-octane action routinely seen in Apex Legends.

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The Doc finished his spirited retort with a friendly warning toward summit. The quip was obviously another entry in the Doc’s brand of aggressive humor, but it sent his chat in a craze all the same.


Streamers are filling up Apex Legends’ servers, so battles between the Doc and summit might not be too far off on the horizon.