Dr Disrespect calls on Apex Legends devs to fix major hacking problems

. 3 years ago

Twitch streamer Apex Legends hackers infesting the game, and called on Respawn Entertainment and EA to do something about it.

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Apex Legends’ popularity skyrocketed the game to over 50 million players in less than two months. Unfortunately, cases of hackers among the player base have only increased since the game’s February 4 release.

Dr Disrespect just booted up a match with his squad when an engagement in the Hydro Dam saw them pinched between two players that instantly lasered all three members of the team.

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Seems like Apex Legends has been a playground for hackers to cause mayhem.

After the Doc and his team were wiped out by players that seemed to be hacking, the Two-time issued an alert to EA and Respawn Entertainment about the critical state their shooter is in right now.

“It’s getting worse and worse,” Dr Disrespect said about the amount of hackers in the game. “I got to send an alert out right now. ALERT Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts, creators of Madden, alert alert alert: Your hackers are thriving in your brand new Apex Legends game right now. It’s a virus, we got to shut em down. Alert.”

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Many people in the Doc’s Twitch Chat immediately sided with the Doc in pleading for the developers to issue some sort of fix.

Numerous streamers have captured blatant instances of hacking or aimbotting. But with no anti-cheat system in place, it seems like hackers could get cozy in Apex for a while.

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Hackers have gotten pretty out of hand in Apex Legends, and it’ll be interesting to see how soon Respawn can implement effective preventative measures.

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