Dr Disrespect slams “boring” Apex Legends time to kill in explosive rant

Dr Disrespect Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence Time to Kill Rant YouTube Streamer With LogoYouTube: DrDisRespect / Respawn Entertainment

There’s plenty of hype surrounding the release of Apex Legends Season 10, but some players are less-than-thrilled with the game’s current state, including Dr Disrespect, who slammed the “boring” battle royale for its extended time to kill.

Heading into its 10th season, Emergence, Apex Legends has cemented itself as one of the top three players in the BR space in terms of its player base, online presence, and engagement with content creators and their communities.

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Respawn’s BR continues to separate itself from the genre’s other major competitors, Warzone and Fortnite, with its focus on fluid movement, fast-paced gunplay, and unique Legend abilities — but not everyone finds the Apex recipe to be their favorite meal.

Amongst the game’s critics is none of than the Two-Time Gaming World Champion, Dr Disrespect. After dipping his toes back into Respawn’s battle royale, he left feeling jaded over its extended time to kill, and loudly voiced his displeasure with the title’s “boring” gameplay.

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Dr Disrespect YouTube Video Apex Legends Time to KillYouTube / DrDisRespect
The Two-Time jumped back into Apex, but wasn’t loving the TTK compared to Warzone.

In the video, taken from a recent Apex Legends stream and later shared with his followers on Twitter, the content creator didn’t hold back from letting Respawn know his feelings about the pace of their BR’s engagements compared to other titles, like Warzone.

“There’s nothing like cracking two [enemies] then having to sit there and f**king watch them heal,” he began, before completely flying off the handle — as he tends to do when voicing his frustration with any given game — into one of his signature monologues.

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“That’s why I don’t like this game, I hate this game!” he exclaimed, and went on to blast the title as boring. “Shooting shields?” he remarked sarcastically, “I don’t like it!”

“A full spray, and the f**king clip is never enough to knock a guy!” he complained, remarking on the fact that opponents will often take more than one clip of ammo to down, especially if they have a purple, gold, or red Evo shield equipped.

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The Doc also didn’t hold back from criticizing the slow TTK’s negative affect on pro play: “No one wants to watch this game competitively,” he shouted, then went on, “you can’t create that ‘one shot’ moment,” referring to the lack of insta-kills you can pull off in other games like Warzone.

“No one wants to watch it. At the end [of the game] everyone’s camping out, putting bubble shields on, camping doors,” the streamer remarked, throwing a jab at the often chaotic, but campy endgame circles that occur during Apex Legends, particular in professional play.

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While the Doc certainly overplayed his complaints about the game’s TTK (no title is ever truly safe from the wrath of the Two-Time), the YouTube streamer certainly seems to find Warzone’s shorter engagement times preferable to the drawn-out fights that occur in Apex.

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