Champion Matches would finally give Apex Legends players a reason to grind

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends offers some of the most intense firefights in battle royales, but some of the more experienced players are now wanting more of a challenge and an simplified Champions Match could deliver just that.

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While Respawn Entertainment landed on a surprise hit when Apex launched on February 4, the developers haven’t been keeping up with player requests as much as the community would want.

Even though there are swarms of bugs and balance issues that need addressing, a large point of emphasis with players has been the need for either a ranked mode or some playlist which thoroughly tests players’ abilities.

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Respawn EntertainmentChampion Matches could reduce mad scrambles and encourage more calculated play.

In a Reddit post, user ‘LegenDerryNavi’ put together a concept for a special “Champions Match” exclusive to teams coming fresh off a win, but with a small tweak that would finally give players a reason to try-hard in games.

Per the idea, once a squad claims a Champion screen a “pop-up” appears that would take them to a server filled with recent winners all vying for better rewards.

“When a team wins a match, a pop-up appears which they can choose to accept or decline. (3/3 ‘yay’ votes required),” LegenDerryNavi said. “The teams that accept the match are put into a special server where rewards are significantly better than in normal matches – I’m thinking exclusive skins, Apex Coins, crafting metals.”

LegenDerryNavi via RedditNew badges would obviously be added if a Champions Match make their way into the game.
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The lobby would include “base rewards” for everyone in the game, and would only get better the higher a team places.

But the real prize would be finishing in the top three which would dish out big rewards plus the right to compete in follow-up Champions Match, while everyone else has to win a normal game in order to qualify again.

Would a Champions Match work in Apex Legends?

The Redditor was quick to point out the issues that could come with the mode, since all three members of a winning squad would have to queue up for the big game.

Respawn EntertainmentChampion Matches could come with difficulties, but the matches (especially gun fights) would definitely be more rewarding for a lot of players.

Furthermore, queue times could get out of hand since the server would have to wait to fill a game with 20 winning teams to commence.

Still though with a ranked mode missing from Apex Legends, a Champions Match could be a unique way to give the more competitive players something more worth fighting for.