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Bizarre Wraith Arc Star bug in Apex Legends might not be a bad thing

Published: 7/Jan/2020 23:14

by Alan Bernal


A strange interaction between a Wraith and an Arc Star in Apex Legends looks to be caused by a bug – but it actually makes for an awesome gameplay mechanic.

Nearly a year after the launch for one of the most dynamic entries to the battle royale genre, players are still finding bizarre bugs and glitches that cause major headaches in matches, even at the most pivotal moments.

But rarely does a bug come to light in Apex where the community takes a minute to mull over its consequences and realize it could be a cool element to include in the game.

Respawn EntertainmentWraith can get out of most situations using her Tactical, but that wasn’t the case in this instance.

Twitter user ‘Mukai_fps’ posted a video of their gameplay showing their Wraith unable to activate her Into the Void Tactical Ability after an Arc Star landed on their character.

Wraith’s ability is an incredible tool to escape a sketchy situation, so players have gotten used to navigating through the void of space to avoid any incoming damage.

It looks like both the activation and finishing animation for the ability went off back to back, skipping the actual effect the move was supposed to give.

Arc-Star disabling Wraith’s tactical? from apexlegends

Even as the player got quickly downed from the failed Into the Void attempt, players were actually amused to see a Wraith feel the explosive effects of an Arc Star rather than escaping with their Tactical.

Though the way Wraith seamlessly transitions from failing to pop her ability to taking her gun back out has some thinking it just might actually be intended.

“It seems it’s not a ‘special’ animation but rather, it skips the activation and mixes both the start-up and the end animation,” Apex loremaster ‘FrozenFroh’ said a Reddit post for the clip, trying to make sense out of the glitch. “AND YET it’s so fluid that it MIGHT be intended!

Respawn EntertainmentSome believe the glitch with Wraith’s Into the Void might have a place in the larger scheme of Apex Legends.

The user noted that if intended it “would make Wraith players salty, but Arc-Star or EMP disabling abilities while the slow debuff is happening would be interesting. It makes sense the shock grenade would mess up with Wraith’s device.”

This led to a lot of theory-crafting for why the bug would exist and some even linked it to yet-to-be-released Legend, Revenant, who is rumored to disable abilities with their move kit.

In either case, the interaction is causing a lot of buzz with players who’d like to see more Wraiths unable to escape the effects of Arc Stars.

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Apex Legends dev explains why “useless” Wattson won’t get more buffs

Published: 26/Nov/2020 5:27 Updated: 26/Nov/2020 5:29

by Isaac McIntyre


Bad news Wattson fans… Respawn has no plans to buff the Apex Legends engineer again in Season 7, despite the fact much of the battle royale’s player base believes the Static Defender is “useless” in her current state.

Wattson who has been part of the ever-growing Apex Legends roster since mid-2019, was recently handed a buff in Season 7’s ‘Ascension’ patch; her signature ability, “Perimeter Security,” had its damage topped up slightly.

According to the Apex Legends community, however, the French defender is still relatively “useless” in the Season 7 meta. In fact, the view is so widespread that a Reddit thread simply titled “Buff Wattson please” racked up 15.1k upvotes, and more than 125 awards.

In the thread, ‘BaguettePaquette’ declared: “It’s time to radically remake Wattson. Not just +5 to fences, but the whole concept of a ‘defending legend’.”

Unfortunately, when an Apex Legends dev did finally arrive in the thread, it was to deliver bad news: there are no plans to give Wattson more buffs in Season 7, despite the defender’s low pick rate in public playlists and ranked lobbies.

Respawn Entertainment
Wattson has been dubbed “useless” by the wider Apex Legends player base.

Wattson isn’t “useless,” says Apex dev

The reason, game designer Daniel Z. Klein explained, is twofold. The first is that Wattson is “all over the place” in pro play. According to the dev, who “rewound the final game,” four of the final six squads in ALGS finals included a Wattson.

The second was a rebuttal to the Reddit thread’s suggestion Wattson is “useless,” both on new map Olympus, and in all Apex Legends lobbies.

“I’m going to respectfully disagree… on Olympus, or elsewhere. You’re confusing two things; pick rate and effectiveness,” Klein said. “Yes, she’s lowest pick rate, but her win rate is very good. She’s is top 4 across most power metrics.”

The “fun” problem: why no one plays Wattson

The problem, he continued, is that Wattson “isn’t super fun for most people.” Her abilities are based around holding choke points, which Apex Legends players often shy away from.

“[That] means we can’t just put power into her until she’s more widely played, because she’s already very near the top of our power charts; on the other hand, it means that putting power into her won’t address the problem either,” he said.

“It’s not that people pick her and fail to be effective. Clearly the people who do run her have more success than on most other characters. There’s something about the FEELING of playing her that isn’t attractive, and power doesn’t fix that.”

Wattson Apex Legends screenshot
Respawn Entertainment
The French defender is powerful, but fails to be “fun” in public lobbies.

Rework may be one possible solution

So, no more Wattson buffs in Season 7, especially as she continues to hit top scores on many of Respawn’s hidden metrics. A rework though? That’s another story.

“Your suggestion for a rework is most promising,” Klein admitted, but said there are two issues there; the cost ⁠— “reworks are incredibly expensive” ⁠— and two, she already fills an area “very needed” in competitive play: defensive strengths.

“I don’t think she should be 100% or near 100% pick rate in competitive… ideally we find a rework that makes at least part of her kit exciting in the moment, while not losing her identity as a structure giver,” the Apex developer concluded.

Respawn Entertainment
Mirage (pictured) and Lifeline have both got reworks; could Wattson be next?

There was a glimmer of hope for fans of the French defender, however. Klein admitted he “could be convinced to buff her” in an effort to “throw a bone to Wattson mains,” but promised that “wouldn’t change the problems.”

For now, Wattson mains should hold tight. There’s a rework in the pipes that may eventually land, and more buffs are possible; it may just take a bit of begging!