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Bizarre Apex Legends glitch is merging Gibraltar & Caustic’s abilities

Published: 7/Mar/2020 10:47

by Andy Williams


Apex Legends players have stumbled upon a crazy bug which merges both Gibraltar’s Dome Shield and Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap into one lethal combination, before sending it hurling across the map.

The System Override Collection Event is in full swing and players have been lapping up every second of King’s Canyon’s return with the limited-time ‘Déjà Loot’ mode.

While the event has brought a ton of changes (such as the brand-new Evo Shield and Octane’s Heirloom), there have been some unintended consequences of the update going live.

Apex Legends' System Override event.
Bangalore leads the pack in Apex Legends’ System Override Collection Event.

One of the ramifications has been that grenades have no longer been working in-game for a vast majority of players, with the explosives either disappearing in plain sight or players being left unable to select their trusty frag after certain character animations.

Now, another unintended bug has been uncovered that could prove quite lethal in World’s Edge. Posted to the Apex Legends subreddit, one Redditor showcased Gibraltar and Caustic’s newfound brotherhood.

Essentially, the pair send a dome-protected noxious gas trap hurling across the map by utilizing both Gibraltar’s and Caustic’s Tactical abilities.

So We Found A New Glitch With Caustic And Gibraltar.. from apexlegends

After placing Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap on the ground, the Gibraltar simply places the projector hub for their Dome Shield on top of the gas canister.

With the dome now fully encompassing Caustic’s trap, there’s a short delay until both are propelled across the map. While this appears like a harmless bit of fun from the outside looking in, any Gibraltar/Caustic mains could use this to get a positional advantage in the next containment zone if used correctly.

Have a Pathfinder one your squad? They can also join in the fun, according to the Redditor! “We got it with Pathfinder, too. We grappled and got launched,” the player commented.

While the glitch is, of course, an unintended by-product of the System Override event update, there’s every chance that it could be here to stay. Meaning that providing cover to your teammates on the other side of the map just became a whole lot easier!

Apex Legends

Apex Legends director reveals plans to make it more than a battle royale

Published: 31/Oct/2020 10:35

by Calum Patterson


Apex Legends is currently one of the most popular battle royale games in what is a saturated market, going toe-to-toe with Fortnite and Warzone – but developers Respawn Entertainment have plans to make it much more than that.

Apex is currently gearing up for its seventh season, which devs have boasted is their biggest yet in terms of new content, as they release the game’s third map, a new Legend, Horizon, and a host of new features like Clubs and a Steam launch.

However, while the battle royale side of things is going from strength to strength, Respawn are ambitious, and have plans to take their Apex Legends universe to new places.

Their focus might currently still be on the battle royale, but game director Chad Grenier has revealed that the studio has much grander plans for the future.

POI on Olympus in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends is moving to a whole new world in Season 7, Olympus on Psamathe.

The future of Apex Legends

In an interview with Eurogamer, Grenier revealed that they are already working on content for up to Season 12 of Apex, as they try to plan as far ahead as possible.

But, beyond just the new seasons of content, there is also a wider view about how they can take their roster of Legends and do new and exciting things. “Right now we’re a battle royale game. I think if you look into the future, we have a lot of conversations of, you know, should we expand beyond battle royale?” Grenier said.

“We have this roster of legends that people love – how else can we use them? I think looking into the future, you’re probably going to see the game becoming more than just a battle royale game. You see we have all these LTMs (limited time modes) and other ways to play. I think that’s a great starting point.”

Horizon running in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Respawn think they can do more with their roster of Legends.

What exactly this could mean is unclear, but we can make a few educated guesses. The most obvious would be some form of PvP multiplayer mode, Call of Duty style. Respawn’s Titanfall series already did this successfully, and many developers at the studio actually worked on the Modern Warfare series at Infinity Ward previously.

The other obvious option would be PvE. They’ve already dabbled their toes in this with the Season 5 quest, which had small single-player ‘missions’ of sorts, but it wasn’t an all-out campaign or story mode as such.

Given the great lore that Apex Legends has already built up through trailers, teaser and comics, it certainly would make sense to give it more gameplay aspects too.

For now, the focus is on Season 7, but it sounds like Apex Legends has big plans to innovate beyond the standard battle royale.