Bizarre Apex Legends bug spawns endless R-99s in matches

A bizarre bug has surfaced in Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends, which sees the fan-favorite R-99 SMG duplicated up to twenty times, much to players’ confusion. 

Despite being an immensely popular battle royale – hitting 50 million players faster than Epic Games’ Fortnite – Apex Legends has experienced its fair share of bugs and glitches since its February release. 

Recent bugs have seen players catapulted into the sky or simply being prohibited from throwing a Thermite grenade. This R-99 glitch, however, may well be the strangest of all.

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Respawn EntertainmentRespawn Entertainment
The R-99 is arguably the pick of the SMGs in Apex Legends.

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A number of Reddit users have posted to draw attention to the glitch, which bizarrely duplicates the weapon in death-boxes 20 times, leading to some very confused Apex players. 

The first post, from Reddit user ‘camhunter’, shows them take out an enemy and go to loot. However, upon opening their opponent’s death-box, they are met with 19 R-99s, of which they swap out one for their Peacekeeper. 

The player then returns to the box after eliminating another enemy, seemingly to double-check whether their eyes were deceiving them, or there was in fact an abundance of R-99s in the enemy’s death-box. 

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They weren’t the only ones to encounter the bizarre bug either. Another Reddit user, ‘ZigaGames’, also shared the bug on December 26, with the simple caption: “Twenty R-99s?, in a now-deleted post.

Attached was a photo showing an identical glitch, in which an eliminated enemy’s death-box offers twenty R-99s.

Reddit: ZigaGamesUp to twenty R-99s were apparently available in this death box too.

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So far, the glitch seems to only be occurring to the R-99, and seems to be happening to more than one individual. However, it’s possible that it could also be affecting other weapons.

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As of the publication of this article, Respawn have not responded to the bizarre bug, but a quick patch can be expected once it’s on the developer’s radar. 

As popular as the R-99 is, twenty of them seems a bit overkill. 

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