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Bizarre Apex glitch lets players go inside the Leviathans' legs

Published: 6/Jul/2019 21:45

by Eli Becht


Fresh off the launch of Apex Legends Season 2, the Leviathans are playing a big role, with them moving around the map and everything, but it turns out there’s a way to get into the their legs with your squad.

Players were excited about what the Leviathans would do with Season 2 after Respawn teased their movement near the end of Season 1, and the results have been a bit of a mixed bag.

On one hand, you have the ability to get high-tier loot if you’re quick enough, but on the other hand, you have this potentially game-breaking glitch that allows players to hide inside of the leg and survive endless stomps.


Octane’s jump pad is needed to get into the Leviathan.

That isn’t supposed to happen

Reddit user wingedkeyboard showed that if you have a Wraith portal combined with Octane’s jump pad, you are actually able to get into the Leviathan’s leg – definitely something that wasn’t intended by the developers.

In fact, a Respawn developer commented on the thread sharing his sadness over the issue.

This won’t be a glitch you see happening all that often but it’s definitely something that would be annoying to go against, especially if the circle closes in around a Leviathan’s leg and you have no way to eliminate the enemy team.

Respawn will just have to add this onto the list of bugs that have to be fixed for Season 2.


EAWraith’s portals are important for getting inside of a Leviathan.

If this were Season 1, it still wouldn’t be ideal to have this bug but at least that was before a ranked mode was in the game.

With the new ranking system, players are able to rank up and get better rewards using this “strategy” so it’s worth getting one fixed as quickly as possible.

Apex Legends Season 2 is off to a good start among players, despite the setbacks with the bugs, and fans are hoping the goodwill keeps rolling.