Apex Legends cosplayer perfectly recreates Lifeline in real life

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One cosplayer has stunned the Apex Legends subreddit with an incredible Lifeline outfit, awesomely recreating the in-game medic. 

Since launch, Lifeline has been one of the most popular picks in Apex Legends thanks to her ability to help out any squad member with her healing drone. Not only that, but her care packages provide an armor upgrade to any teammate, meaning she is a versatile and near-essential pick. 

Outside of the game, she’s also a popular character to cosplay because of her elaborate outfit and the challenge it brings. The stereotypical medic outfit is subverted by the pink hair and headband, often paired with an abundance of straps to hold healing items. 

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Lifeline is one of Apex’s most popular legends.

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On April 1, cosplayer and Apex Legends fan Maddie-Chan shared their incredible interpretation of the popular healer. 

She explained that she was prompted to do the cosplay on account of her pink hair, which means she’s partway to a Lifeline look anyway.

As you can see, Maddie has perfected the key parts of any Lifeline cosplay, with the medic’s outfit, blue gloves and headband all featuring. To top it off, we can even see the headgear that Lifeline uses to communicate with teammates, recreated to a tee. 

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Feedback to the cosplay was overwhelmingly positive. At the time of writing, it sits at over 3,500 upvotes. Fans were particularly impressed with Maddie’s attention to detail when recreating the smaller parts of the outfit. 

Many joked that it’s okay that she’s outside given her status as a medic, but Maddie allayed the fears by confirming the images were taken prior to any formal lockdown where she is based. 

Reddit: u/maddie-chan
Maddie shared another angle of her cosplay.

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She even confirmed that the IV bag she used in her outfit was legitimate, revealing that she borrowed it off a friend who is a medical student. 

It goes to show the attention to detail the best cosplayers will go to in order to perfect their looks. 

We’ve seen a large variety of Lifeline cosplays, from the awesome to the slightly more controversial. Regardless, Maddie can be thoroughly proud of her efforts here.

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