Apex Legends: What are secret Heirlooms and how can you get them?

Players have been coming across a hidden line of cosmetic items called Heirlooms in Apex Legends battle royale, the secret nature of which has caused some confusion in the community. 

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As with most other battle royale titles, Apex Legends features cosmetic items whose values depend on their rarity, with Common being the least rare, followed by Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

However, there is also a hidden fifth level rarity cosmetics called Heirlooms, which are more rare than any other items and are extremely difficult to obtain.

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Most players are not even aware of the Heirlooms’ existence in the game because there simply is no mention of it anywhere. The only way players can actually see it mentioned in the store or inventory is if they manage to acquire one. 

The only way to get Heirlooms is through Crates despite there being no mention of the secret items in the game’s store.
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Currently, the only way to get Heirlooms is to luckily come across one when opening Apex Packs, but the chances of that are less than 1%, according to the official Apex Legends FAQ. 

However, Respawn Entertainment and EA have sort of balanced this out by guaranteeing at least one Heirloom in a player’s first 500 Packs, much like how everyone is guaranteed at least one Legendary in their first 30 Packs. 

Also, another positive is that Heirlooms come in sets, and players who manage to get one in a Pack will get all three items of the set at the same time. 

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Heirlooms shine crimson red when coming out of Packs and all three of a single set will always come together.
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There is currently one Heirloom set in the game and it’s for the Wraith Legends character. The set features a cosmetic skin for her melee knife, a Banner Pose, and a themed Intro Quip.

Heirlooms have been designated the crimson red color to represent their rarity, so if you see that color flash when opening up Packs you’ll know you’ve gotten the most rare cosmetics in the game. 

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The skin for the Wraith’s melee weapon is one of only three Heirlooms known to be currently in the game.

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