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Apex Legends weapon skin hides secret Pathfinder Easter Egg

Published: 25/Mar/2019 8:49 Updated: 25/Mar/2019 9:09

by Joe O'Brien


Apex Legends players have noticed an amusing Easter Egg on one of the game’s weapon skins.

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Most of Apex Legends’ weapon skins seem to simply be aesthetic designs rather than having any deeper meaning, but one – the PAL 9000 skin for the Peacekeeper shotgun – seems to have a distinct Pathfinder theme.

On first glance the connection to Pathfinder isn’t hard to notice, as the gun bears the same smiley faces that Pathfinder himself typically sports on his chest screen.

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It turns out, however, that the connection might have a slightly darker undertone, as players have realized that above the weapon’s trigger there are two lines of actual binary code which translate to “Kill Pathfinder”.


u/ciementiniseThe words “Kill Pathfinder” are engraved on the Peacekeeper skin in binary.

While the content of the binary code is clear, the tone isn’t quite so obvious. Fans have debated whether the tag is instructing wielders of the weapon to kill Pathfinder, or whether it’s Pathfinder’s weapon and he’s named it “Kill”, or left a reminder of what it’s for adorned to the gun.

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The smiley faces on the PAL 9000 skin are certainly reminiscent of Pathfinder, so perhaps it does in fact belong to him. Or maybe it’s not lore-related at all, and simply an Easter Egg left by a developer who was getting tired of working on the overly-enthusiastic robot.


This isn’t the first Easter Egg that’s been discovered in Apex Legends. Respawn have continued their long-running inclusion of little “Nessie” figurines in their games, and if players can find and shoot all of them in a single match they unlock yet another hidden Easter Egg. Meanwhile, a memorial to a developer’s dog can also be found in a corner of Market.

Given Respawn’s clear propensity for leaving hidden Easter Eggs for players to discover, it’s entirely possible that more remain unknown at this time, waiting to be uncovered by inquisitive players.