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Apex Legends

Apex Legends: Detailed theory suggests brand new planet

Published: 22/Sep/2019 22:10 Updated: 22/Sep/2019 22:38

by Scott Robertson


Earlier this month, Apex Legends introduced us to the new playable champion Crypto, and players soon spotted him in a secret area on the map. But one fan has an insane theory that Crypto will be bringing the Legends to a whole nother map on a frozen world.

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In the Stories from the Outland episode “Forever Family”, we are introduced to Park Tae Joon, aka Crypto. He abandons his identity and is trying to find his sister, kidnapped by the Syndicate after the siblings discover a prediction algorithm for the Apex competition.

He’s been spotted in game in a secret lab that you have to find by kicking open a door, hacking into a computer. He takes off as soon as you spot him. And one fan on reddit suspects that Crypto’s plans are far more impactful than we may realize.


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In a post titled “Tinfoil theory: Crypto is taking us to a new Apex map, set on the cold and snowy world of Psamanthe”, reddit user the-mortyest-morty lays out a theory that a new frozen map will be introduced due to Crypto. 

Their theory is based on the default skins of certain Legends, and what Crypto is looking at when he gets caught by the player hacking.

Respawn EntertainmentCrypto is set to debut when season 3 comes out on October 3
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“Every single character now has at least 3 Legendary skins minimum, that are appropriate for winter wear.”

“The only characters showing any amount of skin in their default outfit are Lifeline and Octane, both natives from Psamanthe. It makes sense they’re both wearing sleeveless shirts with part of their torsos exposed, because they’re undoubtedly already struggling to adjust to Solace’s unrelenting sun and heat.


The-mortyest-morty then gets to the meat and potatoes of his theory:

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“I also believe the Titanfall Repulsor tower that we haven’t yet seen in Apex, but saw displayed on the “World’s Edge” screen with the coordinates and stuff that Crypto’s messing with in Singh Labs. I think he’s hacking that portal to take the dropship to Psamanthe, where that Repulsor is presumably located.”

RespawnCrypto caught hacking in a secret area of the current map
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Their theory is that the season 3 name Meltdown is a reference to literally melting ice. They reference the clues that showed up on the Apex Legends website the other day that relate directly to this.


While those clues initially led fans to believe that the map was going to be drastically changed, the-mortyest-morty is going one step further and suggesting that players will be heading to a new frozen map altogether.