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Apex Legends streamer NiceWigg shaves head in the name of charity

Published: 27/Dec/2019 17:40 Updated: 27/Dec/2019 17:51

by Eli Becht


Apex Legends streamer Jack ‘NiceWigg’ Martin shaved his head on camera as a result of raising over $10,000 for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

As a reward for reaching 10,000 donations on stream, NiceWigg shaved off his luscious locks, which his viewers were greatly looking forward to.

He was able to cross this donation threshold thanks to a timely host from DrLupo, who was coming off his own charity stream for St. Jude.

DrLupo raised over $2 million for St Jude’s during his 24-hour stream, including a massive $1 million donation from Twitch near the end of the broadcast. Ninja, TimTheTatman, and many other viewers and streamers were able to chip in to help Lupo raise all of that money.

NiceWigg was very grateful for the host and thanked DrLupo with a heartfelt message.

DrLupo thank you for the host,” he tweeted. From the bottom of me and my mom’s heart thank you. I appreciate you and all you done, absolutely mind blown.”

While raising money for charity is enough of an incentive for many people, some like to have milestones to aim for, which is why the CLG pro offered to shave his head.

After he buzzed his hair off, he couldn’t help but notice his uncanny resemblance to pro skateboarder Tony Hawk.

For those out of the loop, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital focuses on children with cancer. As part of their mission to help heal children with cancer, they do not charge their patients’ parents massive medical bills as other hospitals are notorious for in the United States.

Instead, they rely on their income, 75% of it to be exact, through donations like this which makes these charity streams all the more impressive.

On top of that, St. Jude says the daily operating cost is $2.2 million, which means Lupo’s entire 24-hour stream was only enough to cover a day. Obviously, they receive donations from many other sources but it is eye-opening to see how much money they really need.

If you’d like to donate to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital yourself then you are able to do so here.

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Apex Legends hidden message reveals Mirage is related to Titanfall 2 characters

Published: 16/Jan/2021 17:53 Updated: 16/Jan/2021 19:41

by Julian Young


A secret lore drop found on the Mirage Voyage – brought back by Respawn in the lead-up to Season 8 – has revealed a close connection between the Holographic Trickster and two characters from Titanfall 2.

In a surprise move on January 15, Respawn threw the original Apex Legends’ map – Kings Canyon – back into the rotation for the first time in Season 7. This version of Kings Canyon features the Mirage Voyage airship, hovering over the remains of Skulltown.

While pro players and content creators largely criticized Kings Canyon in Season 6 – leading to its absence from the rotation in Season 7 – the announcement was met with support from the community, including praise for bringing the Mirage Voyage to Kings Canyon for the first time.

The airship is not the only new addition in Kings Canyon. A hidden voice message on a phone revealed a connection between the game’s loveable jokester Mirage and two characters from Respawn’s previous franchise: Titanfall 2.

Titanfall 2 6-4 Droz Davis Selfie
Respawn Entertainment
A hidden voice message has revealed that Mirage is the nephew of two Titanfall 2 characters: Davis and Droz.

The message from Evelyn Witt – Mirage’s mother – begins with an imitation of Kuben Blisk (another Titanfall 2 character with ties to Apex Legends), then switches to a more personal tone. Evelyn covers a range of topics, including her on-going struggle with what appears to be dementia.

Halfway through the message, she drops a bombshell when mentioning her brother Droz, and another individual, Davis. Titanfall 2 fans will already be familiar with those characters: both were members of ‘The 6-4’ mercenary group and helped Jack Cooper defeat Titanfall 2’s antagonists, the IMC.

While it appears Evelyn is related to both of the soldiers, some fans are speculating that she is only related to Droz by blood, and Davis is more of a “brother in arms.” Regardless of the exact connection, it seems both Titanfall 2 characters had a close relationship with Evelyn and her son.

Mirage’s mother also says that the two would “always make me laugh, like Elliot.” Fans of Droz and Davis will certainly remember their funny banter during Titanfall 2’s mission ‘The Ark’, and it appears the two mercs passed their sense of humor down to Mirage.

Some Apex Legends players have already gone back and found other connections between the pair and Mirage. In a short clip posted to Reddit by ‘u/R0NiR’, Davis and Droz can be seen taking a selfie during a Titanfall 2 scene, something Mirage fans will be very familiar with seeing.

Mirage’s Uncles Droz and Davis ! They are from Titanfall 2 ! Now We Know Where His Sense Of Humor Comes From 😀 from apexlegends

This is far from the first tangible connection between Apex Legends and Titanfall 2, which share the same in-game universe. Previous hints from Respawn include a Jack Cooper crossover, Bloodhound concept art, and appearances from Titanfall 2 characters like the simulacrum Ash.

Respawn has previously shut down rumors regarding the development of a Titanfall 3, to the disappointment of many fans. Despite no confirmed plans for a new Titanfall installment, the Apex Legends developer continues to tease fans with new tie-ins between the two franchises.