Apex Legends streamer banned on Twitch after threatening teammate’s family

apex legends streamer on twitchTwitch / Respawn Entertainment

Twitch has moved to ban an Apex Legends streamer called Captain Valenti after he was caught using toxic language live on air. 

The outburst made towards one of his own teammates – which has been described as ‘career suicide’ by viewers – included two remarks that ultimately violated Twitch’s rules.

In one instance, he threatened to kill the full family of a player on his Arenas squad, and in another moment called them a “f**king homosexual.”

In their Community Guidelines, they specifically state that “attempts or threats to physically harm or kill others” is a zero-tolerance offense, and these cases are met with indefinite suspensions.

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Apex streamer banned on Twitch after live outburst

The player targeted by the abuse is called cirohsa, who has since tweeted about their experience.

Along with the clip, they said: “Let’s get this guy banned.”

Warning: Strong language in the clip below. 

The video footage has since been forwarded to members of the Apex Legends development team at Respawn Entertainment and has been noticed by multiple streamers as well.

100 Thieves’ Vein said: “This is actually disgusting.”Another added: “Fastest career suicide I’ve ever seen.”

A second clip, tweeted out by cirohsa, showed the start of their interaction – where she simply asked him to stop dying.

Speaking to Dexerto, cirohsa said: “It’s not the first time I have run into people like this, but usually they aren’t streaming.”

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Now that Captain Valenti’s Twitch channel can only be accessed with a time machine, it remains to be seen as to whether or not he will return to the platform. The length of the ban has also not been confirmed.

Dexerto understands that Valenti has been flagged by Respawn internally for a potential account ban and a member of the dev team reached out to the player directly to resolve the matter swiftly.

Once again, a clear message has been sent out by the team: Toxicity does not belong in Apex Legends.