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Apex Legends

GFX artist’s Apex Legends sneaker designs go viral

Published: 28/Feb/2019 12:30 Updated: 28/Feb/2019 13:13

by Paul Cot


A designer has shared an array of Apex Legends themed sneakers. Apex Legends players now want them.

Apex Legends is the hottest property on the battle royale market right now and has racked up an incredibly large player base in the few short weeks since its February 4 release.

While most players are content with pouring hours into their attempts at winning matches, others have been inspired to create some amazing new concepts and works of art.

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Apex Legends sneakers

Designer and CS:GO artist Chris Le has shared sneaker designs for a number of Apex Legends characters. So far, these include Pathfinder, Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline and most recently Wraith.


These are put on various brands of sneaker, ranging from Air Max, Jordan, Vans and Air Force. They have been shared on his Twitter page and are receiving thousands of likes and comments as he perfectly captures each character’s style.

Pathfinder and Wraith sneaker designs. More Apex Legends sneakers at @clegfx on Twitter.

In game accessory?

Their slick design and professional touch has left many Apex Legends fans asking for them to be made into an in-game accessory. There might be some copyright issues with the sneaker brands but on a generic sneaker it could certainly be possible.

Alternatively, maybe the likes of Nike and Vans will jump on the Apex Legends hype and release some limited edition Apex themed sneakers!


Currently, Bangalore, Caustic and Mirage remain to be created by Chris Le. However, we’re pretty sure he’ll get around to making them sooner rather than later. 

Our personal favorites are Le’s ‘Jordan 4 Bloodhounds’ – we can almost hear Bloodhound’s popular quotes when we look at them.

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