Apex Legends player shows simple trick for improving aim with the Wingman

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has a vast arsenal of weapons but none so popular as the Wingman, in which one player showed how to get insane accuracy without aiming down the pistol’s iron sights.

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Since Respawn Entertainment released their battle royale, players have been finding ways to get the most out of Legends and weapons to get the better of their opponents in the Apex Games.

When the game launched, the Wingman had become far and away the preferred weapon of choice by a lot of pro players. Now that the community is getting more acclimated to the game and its weapons, players are starting to find small improvements that make a huge difference in firefights.

Respawn EntertainmentThe Wingman has been a priority pick for top players, but just a little practice and a helpful tip could let anyone own with it.[ad name=”article2″]

In a Reddit post, user ‘froste_here’ gave the Apex community a quick PSA on how to get the most mileage out of Wingman shots when hip-firing. Crouching while shooting from the hip will get players an insanely accurate shot.

While it may seem like Gaming 101, froste_here went into training to show just how ridiculous the Wingman gets simply by lowering before taking a shot.

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Some people didn’t think this would be the most effective tip to employ during the middle of a heated fight, but frost_here begged to differ.

“I usually run a 99 as well, and if the clip doesn’t kill them, pull out the wingman and hipfire the remaining health away,” froste_here said. “The crouch allows better accuracy, and you’re also moving, momentarily confuses the enemy, and I recommend toggling if you’re really gonna stay there, but yeah. This is definitely useful with the Wingman if used correctly, for me, anyways.”

Players who have poured countless hours in King’s Canyon might have caught on to what the Wingman was capable of, but simple hint could open up the gun for a lot of people.

Alessandro Giulianelli ArtstationThe Wingman is one of Apex Legends’ most versatile weapons.600[ad name=”article4″]

What is coming in Apex Legends Season 2?

Hopefully people can improve their Wingman play with froste_here’s tip in order to get ready for the second season of the Apex Legends Battle Pass.

The game’s devs gave their players a quick run through of some things to expect in the upcoming content release, including a new limited-time event, a faster way of getting to level 100, and much more.

It looks like the patience from the Apex community is going to be well rewarded soon when the next batch of content for the game drops.