Apex Legends sequence perfectly shows why Mirage’s Ultimate needs a buff

Mirage’s Ultimate Ability often comes under criticism among most Apex Legends players, and a recent post on Reddit offers a perfect example for why it needs a boost. 

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Mirage is a Legend who’s set of abilities is based on deception and misdirection. His Ultimate Ability, called Vanishing Act, causes the Legend to spawn four decoys around him while the actual character himself goes invisible.

At first, this may seem like a powerful ability, but most players have realized that its pretty useless. 

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Since the Mirage becomes invisible when using his Ult, all of the decoy Mirages on the screen are non-threats, so players can simply ignore them and just wait for the real Legend to show himself. 

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A good example of this can be seen in Reddit user Pilavboy’s clip below, which really shows why the Mirage’s Ult is simply not a viable option against good players. 

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The clip above shows a situation very close to the end of the match when the player was chasing the last remaining opponent, who was playing as the Mirage.

Despite seeing the enemy uses his Ultimate Ability, the player completely ignores the decoys and continues to chase the Mirage, eventually catching up to him and kicking him to death, despite the fact that he was still invisible.

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The sequence perfectly demonstrates that neither the decoys nor the invisibility aspect of the Ult did anything to protect the Mirage from his eventual death.

The chuckle that the player lets out after getting the game-winning kill pretty much sums it up for any player faced with Mirage’s Ult. 

While Mirage’s Tactical and Passive Abilities are decent, its Ultimate Ability has received a lot of criticism for being too weak.
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While there’s no doubting the weakness of Mirage’s Ult, the larger question remains about how it can be appropriately buffed to the point where it can rival the powerful abilities of the more popular Legends. 

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One Reddit user has proposed a creative idea which would remove the invisibility aspect of the Ult, forcing enemies to have to figure out which of the five Mirages was the real one.

Another concept suggests that decoys be spawned not only for the Mirage, but also his teammates, making that aspect of the Ult also a lot more powerful. 

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Either way, Respawn can’t ignore this kind of widespread feedback for too much longer, and it seems that they’ll have to boost up Mirage sooner rather than later.